Apple Watch ‘Series 3’ Launch in September, Will Have Embedded SIM: CNBC


CNBC has reported this morning Apple is set to launch a third-generation Apple Watch next month, which will include LTE networking, allowing phone calls without being tethered to an iPhone, “making it a standalone device.”

The unnamed source also told CNBC the next Apple Watch, most likely known as “Series 3”, will launch in September, expected to debut alongside three new iPhone models. The next Apple Watch will have an embedded SIM card, instead of a physical SIM like traditional smartphones.

Neil Shah, research director of devices and ecosystems at Counterpoint Research, told CNBC, “It will cater to the niche market of health and fitness users who don’t want to carry their iPhone when they go for a run. It will also be good for enterprise use cases.”

Just yesterday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, said in a research note the next-gen Apple Watch would have LTE networking and debut with a similar design as its previous generation, corroborating a previous report from Bloomberg.

A cellular capable Apple Watch most likely will cost more versus Wi-Fi models, plus customers will probably need to subscribe to add-on data plans for their new smartwatch. But a cellular Apple Watch would mean you’ll never miss a phone call or text message, plus you’ll have Apple Pay as your mobile wallet. It will all come at a price, though.

Any guesses on how much Rogers, Telus and Bell will charge to add data for your Apple Watch to your cellular plan—an extra $10 to $15 per month, perhaps?


  • mxmgodin

    Embedded SIM? So are we finally going to see support from Canadian carriers for Apple SIM? If I am not mistaken, Apple SIM in iPad devices (either physical, or embedded) in Canada is only supported through travel/roaming plans from 3rd-parties, and none of the Big Three directly.

  • The report noted talks with European carriers, and the previous Bloomberg report cited American carriers, but nothing on Canada yet, so it’s hard to speculate. I can’t imagine the Big 3 would want to miss out on a chance to have customers spend more on data plans.

  • mxmgodin

    I guess we could even see the LTE version of the watch being restricted to certain markets at launch. I’m not really interested, personally, but it would be a shame.

  • Tim

    You can Apple Pay without the phone in range so long as the watch has been unlocked. It doesn’t require a SIM or internet connection.

  • erth

    i am wondering if the LTE embeded iwatch also has wifi? therefore, if you don’t want to use the LTE presently, you can still use it like the series 2 iwatch.
    i will be buying one, just need to figure out the options.

  • poopchute

    Not true.
    The watch definitely requires one or the other.
    Transferring data over two cups and a string are not an option at this time.

  • johnnygoodface

    Well starting on Dec 1st 2017, all devices must be sold unlocked in Canada. So it might very well be a “universal” SIM that could be used by any providers.

  • Jack

    No Rogers support for the Series 3? WTF?

  • Ouch (for now).

  • Jack

    Yeah, but they had Bell up there for immediate support with Telus to follow later this year. No mention of Rogers at all. Frickin ridiculous.