First Apple Watch Series 2 Reviews Hit the Web [Roundup]


Apple watch series 2

Alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, another product that will hit the shelves this Friday in more than 25 countries: the Apple Watch Series 2. Apple has highlighted some of the key features of the updated wearable and slightly rebranded it—no Apple Watch Sport, because we have the Apple Watch Nike+, for example. Key features include a greater focus on fitness tracking (now with GPS), water resistance, a 50% faster processor, and, of course, watchOS 3.

After about a week of testing, what are reviewers saying about the Apple Watch Series 2? Well, “must have” isn’t among the keywords used, but still, the upgraded wearable has taken a big step toward the “techie timepiece it was always clocked up to be,” as summarized by USA Today.

Apparently, the GPS upgrade comes at a cost, hence the bigger battery—though still not officially confirmed—to retain the same 18-hour battery life. However, as noted by The Verge, it is difficult to tell when it is activated.

The Wall Street Journal

A 20-minute run with music playing knocked out 20% of my watch battery’s juice. While there is a bigger battery inside this slightly thicker watch, those who plan to use GPS for a daily jog won’t get longer battery life. (Apple says it designed the GPS on the Apple Watch to last through a marathon.)

The Verge

I’ve noticed the display still doesn’t wake every time I raise or twist my wrist, which is annoying. And, even though the screen is now brighter and easily visible in normal daylight settings, it’s still tough to see in direct sunlight. At the end of the day this is a smartwatch with a retina OLED display, and not a reflective display like on other sport watches. It also doesn’t measure elevation when you’re recording an outdoor workout.

Daring Fireball

I think WatchOS 3 and Apple Watch Series 2 are a very simple story. Apple Watch had clear strengths but equally clear weaknesses. Apple identified what was flawed and went back to the drawing board. They identified what people liked best — health and fitness tracking — and made them even better.


Most people buy things for their wrist because they want a fitness tracker. The Apple Watch has gotten much better at its fitness chops. But it’s still missing a couple of things. First off, its more limited battery life means no integrated sleep tracking, because it’s understood that you’ll be charging your Watch on the nightstand every night. Fitbit and many other trackers include sleep functions, and smart alarms. You could find Apple Watch apps that could do this, no doubt, but it doesn’t feel practical.

USA Today

The new Apple Watch ticks closer to being the techie timepiece it was always clocked up to be. I’m not suggesting Series 2 is perfect, or for everybody. For one thing, there’s the not-so-slim starting price of $369 for a 38mm case or $399 for 42mm. The good news is that you can now get a more powerful version of the first generation Apple Watch for $269 or $299 (for 38mm or 42mm sizes), a viable option if you don’t need a phone to swim with. Now dubbed Series 1, the first-gen models gain the same dual-core processor that’s in its more expensive sibling.

The Loop

Important information isn’t just about fitness or closing rings. It’s whatever information is important to you—texts, emails, or other notifications that pop up on your screen.

This is where the Apple Watch becomes such a personal device. What’s important to me may not be important to you. That doesn’t matter though because the watch is so versatile, it can be a companion to both of us in different ways.


  • KS

    I’m confused. Go for a cheaper Series 1 or get the latest Series 2

  • This is a great update! And great reviews 🙂

    I noticed, AW0 is great with watchOS3, it’s like having a new watch.

    But AW series 2 seems to be a huge step forward 🙂 It’s the perfect proof that a new product gen 2 is much better. Another exemple was the iPad… iPad 1 was good but the iPad 2 was a huge step forward. I feel it’s the same with AW2.

    But the good news, watchOS3 make AW0 more usable than ever.

  • gerry

    I agree. With the quick launch of the apps, I couldn’t be more happier. Before, I really disliked how long it took to even get access of my music playlist on my phone.

  • steve81

    Can I walk in an Apple Store and buy an Apple Watch Series 2 on Friday, or do I have to pre-order like last year’s launch?

  • Jer

    I can tell my stainless steel AW0 on watchOS 3 is fantastic and feels like a new watch. Its much snappier then WOS 2 and the quick dock is a great new feature. Personally i can see myself skipping Series 2 now and wait for a more innovative watch next year like i predicted when the first gen arrived.
    My predictions for next year is a whole new design and most likely a “ROUND” faced watch 🙂

  • Okina

    So call me very curious now. Mainly because of the GPS for running, but I would wear this at work too. I’m just undecided between an aluminum or stainless steel face. Any thoughts? I’ll want to try to get one before the weekend

  • I would get aluminum and wait for the next generation’s expected new design if you’re going to splurge on stainless steel.

  • Okina

    So call me crazy I splurged. The heft of the stainless steel was just too solid to ignore. Got it with the sports band, and will search out third party bands later

    Well the call became easier since all aluminum models in 42mm quickly sold out. And I actually chased it through two locations

    Overall good first impression. The only issues I’ve had were deciding to automatically install all of my iPhone apps with related watch versions (don’t do it immediately, pick and choose), and some apps like Facebook Messenger and theScore not quickly syncing. Found some workarounds for that

    If there’s one thing I would want in the near future is for third party fitness apps to be able to use the GPS in the watch. As they are now, they still need the iPhone (this is one of the main reasons for the purchase). The stock workout app is okay, but I’m with another app to log my running and would like to continue having realtime tracking with that instead of entering information logs after

    Also really impressed with that taptic feedback. First time I’ve experienced it, and it really is different from a typical vibration. So I’m going to give it more of a go, but this thing on my wrist now might grow on me

  • johnnygoodface

    Series 2: DualCore,GPS, Waterproof and 1000nits
    Series 1: DualCore

    So Series 2 is for athletic peoples or Geeks like me 🙂
    Series 1 is the chance to get a faster than Series 0 at a low price.

  • johnnygoodface

    I preorded it the 9th and it shipped already and should be here on Sept 21th… I know that iPhone pickup in store is available in Canada, but I’m not sure about the Watch