$9,300 Swiss Watch Allows You to Attach Apple Watch to the Back [VIDEO]


For the watch connoisseurs out there, your classic timepieces may be feeling lonely with Apple Watch soaking up time on your wrist. You could wear a watch on each wrist, but that’s just weird.

California-based Nico Gerard has launched new Swiss timepieces as part of its new Pinnacle line, which includes a special bracelet that can allow a 38mm Apple Watch to attach to the bottom bracelet. This way, you can have two watches on one wrist, essentially a double-sided watch.

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While this setup may be cumbersome, it’ll allows users to wear a classic watch, but also retain their Apple Watch on the bottom of their wrist, to receive notifications, but more importantly complete those darn rings as part of your activity goals.

Company CEO Andy Pluemer told Mashable this debut is not a publicity stunt:

“The movements take six months to make and certify,” he told Mashable via email, explaining the long delivery time. “We have sequenced the production of the models with the limited editions being produced first.”

Here are the models available, starting at $9,300 and going all the way up to $112,000—each watch comes with a 38mm Apple Watch:

  • Black Skyview Pinnacle – $9,300 USD (includes 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch)
  • Blue Skyview Pinnacle – $9,500 USD (includes 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch)
  • Gold Sunrise Pinnacle – $112,000 USD (includes 38mm Apple Watch Edition); limited to 88 units
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Check out the video below:

While this idea is somewhat clever, the Apple Watch on the bottom surely will be even more prone to scratches. If you ever wanted to be ‘that person’ with two watches on your wrist, this Swiss-made watch is calling your name.


  • Eric

    This is stupid.. they should of just created a band for the Apple Watch.. not this idea of watch with band and apple watch.. LOL

  • sukisszoze

    It would be a pain to go for a workout..having to remove and reattach the Apple Watch.

  • f1ght3r

    I love this. Wish I had 9500 for it

  • Get the gold model. Only $112k.

  • Tim

    Whoever came up with this needs to have “I’m a stupid idiot” stamped on their forehead.

  • yikes, this has bad news all around it.
    – looks kinda dumb
    – Thieves will love you for wearing this
    – I would probably scratch the heck out of the Apple Watch screen on the back, even when I’m sitting here typing this on my MacBook Air, I can feel my Apple Watch band lightly touch the Macbook. Imagining the extra bulk would constantly drag across tables and laptops.

    I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, just seems bad on all sides.