How To Update Apple iPhone Firmware 1.0.2 to 1.1.1

So right now my 8GB Apple iPhone was working perfectly with unlocked version 1.0.2. I had downgraded my iPhone from the factory 1.1.1 firmware, but now I wanted to update to the latest firmware. Why update to v1.1.1 and not stick with 1.0.2? Well, for starters, the v1.1.1 firmware update included some new features:

New 1.1.1 firmware features included:

– iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
– Louder speakerphone and receiver volume
– Home Button double-click shortcut to phone favorites or music controls
– Space bar double-tap shortcut to intelligently insert period and space
– Mail attachments are viewable in portrait and landscape
– Stocks and cities in Stocks and Weather can be re-ordered
– Apple Bluetooth Headset battery status in the Status Bar
– Support for TV Out
– Preference to turn off EDGE/GPRS when roaming internationally
– New Passcode lock time intervals
– Adjustable alert volume

What I really wanted was the louder speakerphone and receiver volume, as v1.0.2 had some pretty weak volume levels for my liking. So after scouring the Hackint0sh forums, I was informed of two fantastic websites that guide you through step by step to update your Apple iPhone firmware from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1. The process involved “re-virginizing” your baseband firmware (the phone part), then updating to firmware v1.1.1 in iTunes, then “jailbreaking” (bypassing iTunes activation) and “unlocking” (allowing any carrier usage). Here are the two best websites for updating your iPhone from an unlocked version 1.0.2 to 1.1.1–once again, please read through and use these websites at your OWN RISK! They worked perfectly for me though! 🙂

Here are two of the best websites that guide you through the process, step by step: – Simple step by step instructions on how to update to 1.1.1

Unlock that iPhone – This site helps you figure out your firmware & modem version so it can give you the detailed instructions on the update to 1.1.1

Here is the following guide that I used to update my iPhone’s firmware from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1, thanks to the team at Unlock that iPhone (ONLY PROCEED IF YOUR FIRMWARE/MODEM DETAILS MATCH MINE BELOW):

Virginize Your iPhone

You have submitted the following Information:

Your iPhone Firmware Version: Firmware 1.0.2
Your iPhone Modem Firmware Version: 03_14_08_G
Your iPhone Unlock Status: Unlocked

Assuming this information is correct:

Your iPhone is Unlocked at 1.0.2 Firmware, it will need to be Virginized unless anySIM 1.1 or simFREE was used, if so skip this section and go to Upgrade Section. If you are unsure, continue with the Virginize process.

Lets Install AppTapp

To Install AppTapp, you must have iTunes version 7.4 installed on your computer. If you are unsure of what version you are running, in iTunes, hit the “Help” on the top tool bar and then click About iTunes down the bottom.

Once you are sure you are running iTunes 7.4 or above, proceed to install AppTapp on the iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the cable supplied and proceed to download the file which matches your Operating system from the table below and install it from your computer. When it has finished, it will ask you to restart your iPhone, do this and when the iPhone restarts, will be on the springboard.



Time To Virginize

Now that you have AppTapp Installer on the iPhone we can proceed to the Virginizeing Process. Make sure the iPhone is connected to a WiFi network and then open the AppTapp installer. It will prompt you to update, update the installer and it will soft restart the phone. Open the installer again and this time follow these instructions:

  • Tap “Sources” on the bottom right
  • Tap “Edit” on the top right
  • Tap “Add” on the top left
  • Type in “”
  • Press OK This will add the UnlockThatiPhone Repository to the AppTapp Installer. Now you need to follow the following instructions:
  • Open Installer Again
  • Tap “install” on the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll down and tap the “System” Category
  • Tap BSD SubSystems and then tap “Install” on the top right. When this is done, hit the menu button and the iPhone will soft restart again. Repeat the above process and install the “Community Sources” package from the “Sources” category, then install the “Term-vt100” application from the “System” category and finally install the “Virginize Scripts” package from the “Unlock That iPhone” category. Be sure to hit the menu button after installing each package or application.Nearly there now, you probably notice by now that here is a new icon on your springboard, this is Mobile Terminal. Open this and follw these instructions:
  • Type “cd /usr/bin” and hit enter
  • Type “./virginize” and hit enter Let the script run and do what it asks until it finishes, when it’s done, you are too, you have just virginized your iPhone, you can now proceed to update to Firmware 1.1.1.

    Update to Firmware 1.1.1

    Assuming this information is correct:

    You need to Upgrade to Firmware 1.1.1

    First you will need the following file:


  • iPhone 1.1.1 Firmware File
  • Again, we are going to split this up into 2 groups, people who have already activated a 1.0.2 phone and may have some data on it, eg contacts, sms ect. and people who have never used it or may have restored it.

    iPhone is Not Activated and has no Data on it.

    Connect the iPhone to iTunes via the cable supplied. Start up the PC and start iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, you can get it from the apple website at You must be sure to have the latest version of iTunes installed, version 7.4.4 as of writing this tutorial.

    When iTunes starts it will ask to activate the phone, instead, turn the iPhone off and then back on again. As it is turning on, just when the apple logo appears on hte screen, hold the menu button and the power button together for about 20 seconds. This will put the iPhone into restore mode and a Yellow Triangle or iTunes logo will appear on the screen depending on what firmware you are using. iTunes will now pop-up saying it has detected an iPhone in Restore mode.

    In iTunes, hold the shift key (Windows) or the key (MAC) and click the Restore button. Now select the iPhone 1.1.1 Firmware file you downloaded earlier and press ok. iTunes will then install the 1.1.1 update file and upgrade your iPhone firmware to 1.1.1.

    When that’s finished, your done for this step, follow the link at the bottom of the page to Activate and JailBreak your 1.1.1 iPhone.

    iPhone is Activated and has Data on it.

    The fact the iPhone has Data on it already means you probably have the latest version of iTunes installed, if not, update your current version.

    Connect your iPhone to the Computer and open iTunes, when it opens it will open your iPhone page. Down the bottom right of this page you will see a button called “Sync”, click this button to sync the iPhone with iTunes and back it up.

    Once this is done, hold the shift key (Windows) or the key (MAC) and click the click on the Restore button and the click Restore button in iTunes. Then select the iPhone 1.1.1 Firmware file you download earlier and press ok, when finished, follow the Activate and JailBreak link below.

    Activate and JailBreak Your 1.1.1 iPhone

    Before you complete this part of the process, you must ensure that if your SIM Card has a PIN code that you remove it by inserting the SIM into another phone or by using a SIM that does not have a PIN.

    At this stage you should have a freshly restored and updated 1.1.1 Firmware iPhone that may have even been virginized.

    Now, you are on the activation screen that says slide to make an emergency call, slide to get to the keypad and then do the following:

  • Dial “*#307#” and hit call
  • The iPhone will now start to ring itself, hit “Answer” then hit “Hold”, the Phone will start to ring itself again, this time click “Decline”. If after you dial *#307#, the answer screen shows for only a second, clear the *#307# from the key pad and just dial “0” and hit call, this will make the Phone ring itsef then.

    Now on the screen you should be able to get to the contacts menu down the bottom, tap “Contacts” and then add a contact. Use the following instructions:

  • Add the Name “Test” and tap save
  • Tap “Add URL” and type “prefs://1F” then tap save
  • Tap “Add URL” again and type “” then tap save When this is done, tap “Save” again and it will take you to the contact page displaying the name “Test” and the two URLs you just added. Tap the “prefs://1F” URL and it will open the iPhone Settings page. From here, tap WiFi and Add your WiFi network. Go back to the settings page and then tap “General” and Then “Auto-Lock”, set it to “Never”.Now, hit the Menu button to go back to the Activation Screen, slide and dial the number 0, the iPhone will now ring itself again, tap answer, then hold, then decline just like before. Now, hit contacts again and then Test, this time go to the “” URL and doen the bottom click on “Install AppSnapp”.Safari will now close and your iPhone will now go back to the Activation Screen, slide to get to the dial pad again and leave the iPhone alone for a minute. After 5 seconds – 5 minutes, the iPhone will restart and thats it, your now Activated and JailBroken. To Sim Unlock the iPhone for use as a phone, follow the link below.Sim Unlock Your 1.1.1 iPhone

    When you activated and JailBroke the iPhone, Installer will now be on the springboard beside the iTunes Music Store. Open installer and update it. It will then soft-restart the iPhone. Open installer again and do the following:

  • Tap “Sources” on the bottom right
  • Tap “Edit” on the top right
  • Tap “Add” on the top left
  • Type in “”
  • Press OK This will add the UnlockThatiPhone Repository to the AppTapp Installer. Now you need to follow the following instructions:
  • Open Installer Again
  • Tap “install” on the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll down and tap the “System” Category
  • Tap BSD SubSystems and then tap “Install” on the top right. When this is done, hit the menu button to soft restart the Phone and finish the installation. Then repeat the same procedure again but install “anySIM1.1” from the “Unlock That iPhone” category in Installer. When its finished, hit the menu button and the iPhone will soft restart again.Slide to unlock and you will see anySIM1.1 on the springboard. First of all make sure Auto-Lock is set to never in Settings->General and then tap on anySIM1.1. When it starts, slide to unlock and then press the red button at the bottom.After about 5-6 minutes, you will get an “Unlock Successfull” message on the screen, tap ok and it will take you back to the springboard. Open Installer again and this time tap “Uninstall” at the bottom and uninstall anySIM1.1 from the phone. When its finished uninstalling, hit the menu button and then restart the phone.Now that we have successfully SIM Unlocked the iPhone, we must fix You-Tube and the Edge settings before we do anything else. Open Installer again and tap “Install”, browse to the “Unlock That iPhone” category and install the “EDGE Settings Fix” package, when done, hit the menu button to soft restart. Then open Installer once more, tap install and go to the Unlock That iPhone category, this time install the “You-Tube Fix package”. When this is done, restart the iPhone one last time and thats it, your done.You now have a fully unlocked 1.1.1 Firmware iPhone.