Setup Rogers EDGE Settings for the iPhone

Canada has some of the most expensive data rates in the world. Remember the guy with the $85,000 phone bill?! Anyways, if you want to setup your iPhone with Rogers, make sure you’re on a data plan if you want to use mobile internet (WiFi remains free). It’s going to be expensive so get ready!

How to Setup Rogers EDGE Settings on the iPhone

  1. Settings –> General –> Network –> EDGE
  2. Enter the following settings:
    • APN:
    • Username: wapuser1
    • Password: wap

There is a VISION 10MB data plan for $10/month that requires a 36 month contract. Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Cancel before 12 months: $100
  • Cancel after 12 months: $25

Regular price for monthly plan is $10/month for the 10MB plan. Also, a plan that isn’t advertised is the 1GB plan for $65. Why someone would pay this much for data is beyond me!

Here’s the scary part: the fee is $0.05/kb over the 10MB–that means if you go over by 1MB, you’ll pay about $50! This package is not for the lightweight user–for those times you have no WiFi.

Here’s a small breakdown of usage.

Application – sent/received (kb)

For every restart – 1/1 (Apparently also does this periodically)
To check weather – 3/4
Google maps – 7/43
Zoom and a small pan – 9/75
Email check (3×50) – 18/320
Open email – 4/14
Safari ( and search – 9/34

The numbers above add up to approx. 60/500 (That’s half a megabyte already)!

Thanks to user happysmp for his contribution to the information above, courtesy of the Hackint0sh forums! The bottom line is that data plans on Rogers are a big rip off! I can’t wait for the day when another GSM carrier enters the Canadian market, to break down this monopoly by Rogers!

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