Sing in the Year 2008 with TuneWiki!

Are you ready to countdown 2007 and welcome in the year 2008? Well, if you are you can now sing in the year 2008 with the latest 3rd party application for your iPhone, called TuneWiki. This unique application searches for lyrics and displays them in step with the music, allowing you to turn your iPhone into one kick ass karaoke machine!

The program is very easy to use. Once you launch it, you just select a song from your iPhone and TuneWiki will search the web for the lyrics. The lyrics will then display in sync with the music! If it doesn’t, you can “re-synch” and then manually move to the next line by tapping on the album art–awesome! This application can be downloaded from Installer right now…here’s a screenshot of this wicked program:


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