How to Fix the Low Volume On Your iPhone

The iPhone is a mighty device, but with anything technology related, there are shortcomings. The first thing I noticed with my iPhone was the low volume on the speaker. This was on 1.0.2 firmware that I had unlocked myself. The thing about the speaker is that it can be easily muted, just by covering it with your finger! So when the iPhone is in your pocket, and even with the vibration on, it can be hard to hear your iPhone when you’re walking outside.

Now, with my update from firmware 1.0.2 to 1.1.1, the volume actually was much improved, as stated by the 1.1.1 firmware feature list! So I was pretty happy with that. However, you can take it a step further by installing AudioAmp, a volume amplifier for the iPhone! Some people have tested that this doesn’t make a difference, but for me, it has. So results may vary for you! Give it a shot though, you have nothing to lose!

Before you start, listen to some songs on your iPhone using the external speaker to get a sense of the volume. Maybe even call your iPhone a few times to hear how loud the ringer is. Get a friend to listen in too! Once you’ve done that…follow the steps below:

How to Fix the Low Volume on Your iPhone

Step One: Open Installer. Click on Sources. Click Edit. Add as a source.

Step Two: Go to “Tweaks (1.1.2)” and install Audio Amp. I have this installed on 1.1.1 and it works fine.

Step Three: Reboot your iPhone and see if your volume is louder or not. Then come back here and post in the comments to let us know if it has worked for you!

So, has AudioAmp worked for you? I’d love to know because it has worked for me.

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