Listen: This is the Neatest iPhone Application

Seriously, now that I have your attention I want you to listen up. Listen–it’s one of the coolest iPhone apps to date. If you’re confused, the 3rd party application is called Listen! Although it’s not a new concept (SE and Nokia phones have a similar app), it was recently released for the iPhone. If you have a hard time figuring out who sings what song on the radio, this is going to be the perfect application for you!

It goes like this: you hold your iPhone to music that is playing, either on the radio or any other source. The program will record 5 seconds of the song, then compare it to an online database…and within a few seconds, the results will come back! This program will list the artist, album, and song name–pretty cool! I tested it out with three songs out of mp3 library…and all three times it worked!

The Listen app icon is in the top right…


Once you launch the program, you’ll see this screen:


Give it a few seconds…and you’ll see results! Although the application is pretty new, some people have reported a few bugs. Nonetheless, it has worked flawlessly for me. You will need either an EDGE or WiFi connection for the app to work. Listen is available under Installer…go get it!


Source: TUAW

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