iAno: Piano App for the iPhone

I remember being “forced” to take piano lessons when I was younger…just like the rest of you guys. Anyways, I never did complete more than one lesson because it just didn’t work out (in other words, I whined and cried my way out of it!). For all you piano fanatics out there, I have application that just might be for you.


The program is called iAno, and it’s a full fledged piano for your iPhone! That’s right folks, if you team up with a couple of your iPhone friends running PocketGuitar, you can form your own rock band (well not quite)! The program has multitouch capabilites, which lets you can play up to five polyphonic sounds at the same time–very cool! iAno has a full four octave keyboard which can be moved around using arrow buttons. It’s available in Installer and is another program that you can impress your friends with!

iano_iphone.jpg iano_iphone3.jpg iano_iphone4.jpg

Check out this video showing the capabilities of iAno:

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