MxTube: Download YouTube Videos on the iPhone

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YouTube is amazing for wasting time…who needs to get work done when you can watch useless videos all day long? Well, if you want to take your procrastination problem one step further, then MxTube will solve your problems!

MxTube is an application that will enable you to download any YouTube video and store it directly on your iPhone! First, you search for any YouTube video within MxTube, and once it’s found you can download it in “high” or “low” quality. I downloaded my video review of AppFlow and the 2MB download was fairly quick (WiFi at home). Video quality was decent, but not the best.

Anyways, this is pretty neat if you want to download music videos or any other priceless YouTube video onto your iPhone. Check out my gallery below for some screenshots. MxTube can be found in Installer under Multimedia (make sure you have a good list of Installer sources; Bigboss’ Recommended & Community Sources v3.6 are a good start):

mxtube_iphone1.jpg mxtube_iphone2.jpg mxtube_iphone3.jpg mxtube_iphone4.jpg

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