iDope: How to Sell Drugs with an iPhone

That’s right folks–you read the title of this post correctly. I’m going to tell you how to sell drugs with an iPhone–through the hit game Dope Wars that is! The massively popular Dope Wars game has now made it onto the iPhone but this time around it’s called iDope.

The premise of the game is similar to older versions of Dope Wars. Your job is to sell dope within a limited time frame, while at the same time paying off your loan shark so you won’t “disappear”. Your “jacket” holds a variety of drugs that you can buy/sell at different prices, depending on where you are travelling to in New York City.

Every time you travel to a new area, be prepared for an encounter with the Police or other influences that will cause you to lose health and drugs. To regain your health you will need to visit the hospital regularly and for keeping your jacket stocked you can upgrade jacket storage throughout the game.

I managed to pay off my loan shark and make about 2 million dollars–yet I was unable to make more as time had run out on my game. There is also an online list of the top iDope players from around the internet!

iDope is a great game if you’re a fan of the older Dope Wars series games–this is a game I’m going to “highly” recommend! 😉 It’s available via Installer–go get it!

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