The Case-Mate Leather Case & Privacy Screen Winners Are…

…none other than Greg! Congratulations! Your comment in my original contest post took the icing on the cake (plus, only NINE people entered–where were the rest of you guys?!) You’ve just won yourself the Case-Mate Perforated Leather Case in Phantom Black! Please contact me via email (or PM via the forums) and so I can setup delivery.

As for the Case-Mate Privacy Screen, the winner of that contest is ChaosOnFire! Congratulations! Now people won’t be able to see what’s happening on your iPhone when you’re browsing! Contact me via email (or PM via the forums) to setup delivery!

Once again, a big thanks to Case-Mate for providing the wonderful accessories, and a big thanks to all of my readers and supporters out there. Expect more contests soon!

PS – Tomorrow is Friday. Yahoooo! =)

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