Case-Mate Naked Case for the iPhone Review–CONTEST!!!

The iPhone 3G debuts in Canada on July 11th from Rogers and Fido. The release of the second generation is going to unleash a plethora of new iPhone 3G accessories by third party companies, yet again. Well, for those of us still on the original iPhone, some are still seeking for that perfect case. Well, you might be one step closer with today’s review of the Naked Case for the iPhone, made by our friends from Case-Mate!

This so called Naked Case, according to Case-Mate is the world’s first touch-through case. For the first time, people will now have full functionality of their iPhone or iPod Touch’s touchscreen through the case! What is the secret behind this? Well I’m not going to get into the specifics…but for you keeners out there, it’s an electrostatic membrane on the front that enables your finger to work the magic of the touchscreen. All controls are available with this case too.

Here are a few pictures of the Naked Case:

What’s the Verdict on this Naked Case from Case-Mate?

First things first, if your iPhone has an invisibleSHIELD installed, it will not fit into the Naked Case. This leaves me with the postive impression that the case is crafted to almost near precision cut of the iPhone. The plastic feels very strong, however I am not confident that it will survive a drop from a couple meters up though.

Regardless, this clear case fits the iPhone like a glove. The back slides on and clips into the front of the case. Also, the clear acrylic is very thin, which does not add extra bulk to your iPhone. The cool thing about this case is that all aspects of the iPhone are accessible–such as the silent/home buttons, volume buttons, and headphone jacks. The iPhone’s ambient sensors are fully functional as well.

The Naked Case is great because it’s a complete case for your iPhone–that allows for a fully touch experience, while protecting your screen. I tested out the touch sensitivity and it was excellent. Definitely on par to the sensitivity compared to the thin membranes used on the OtterBox Armor and Defender Series cases.

I’m not a big fan of silicone cases, although I started out with one (I had to protect my shiny new Jesus-phone OTB!!). Silicone cases leave your homescreen exposed, allowed for lots of dirt and dust to get in behind the case, scratching your iPhone (like what happened to me). With the sealed Case-Mate Naked Case, the chances of getting dust/debris inside your case decreases because of the design. Although I’d like to see how it fares up against the “lint from a jeans pocket test”.

Nevertheless, Case-Mate has come up with a pretty nice acrylic case for the iPhone, that fully protects your iPhone screen and body, while still maintaining the touch aspects of your iPhone. It’s available from Case-Mate for $34.99US. Have you been looking for a touch sensitive clear case for your iPhone? Then maybe the Naked Case is just what your iPhone needs! Looking for more Case-Mate goodness? Read my reviews of the Privacy Screen Pro, Perforated Leather Case, and Leather Case/Holster combo.

Case-Mate Naked Case for the iPhone Giveaway–CONTEST TIME!!!

You got that right folks–once again iPhone Fan here comes through with more FREEBIES for my loyal readers! Want a chance to win this Naked Case? Read on for more info!

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