Bell & Telus Announce their “iPhone Killers”: Rogers Beware?

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Looks like some iPhone 3G competition is coming through another touchscreen mobile device. Bell announced some major news to trump over and Rogers. They have introduced the Samsung Instinct (coming August 8th), a touchscreen “iPhone killer” along with unlimited data, starting at $40/month!

Samsung Instinct: Bell Welcomes you to Canada

The Samsung Instinct will be on sale for $149.95 on a 3 year contract, or contract free for $449.95. The basic plan for $20 will include 100 daytime minutes and 1000 minutes of evenings and weekends (9pm-7am; WTF is up with these late “evenings?!”). The dreaded system access fee is $8.95 and the 911 fee is 75 cents. Add on the $10 unlimited internet plan and the total will come to just under $40 (before taxes) for what the Globe and Mail is deeming “the poor man’s iPhone“.

Samsung Instinct

Check out this informative video review of the Instinct versus the first gen iPhone:

Samsung Instinct

It seems as though the mobile market is starting to heat up with the latest array of touchscreen enabled cellphones. We can thanks Steve Jobs and his iPhone for raising the bar. Bell is ready to undercut Rogers with their Samsung Instinct launch later this summer. What will Telus do? Let’s find out…

HTC Touch Diamond: Telus Welcomes you to Canada

Telus–the future is friendly. Okay, so maybe their advertising has gotten to my head. But make no mistake folks, Telus is introducing a much anticipated phone to their CDMA network, the HTC Touch Diamond. This will make Telus the first carrier in North America to sell this phone. *edit* Looks like the Instinct will be available from Telus too!

As for prices, the HTC Touch Diamond will start at $149 for a 3 year contract. As for data plans, Telus offers a $15 unlimited data plan for smartphones. Telus will be announcing further details in the near future.

Thanks: MobileMag

With Bell and Telus aggressively marketing these two new “iPhone killers”, it looks like it will be an interesting race for the “Big 3” to grab your hard earned dollars. I must say these new phones may like direct competitors to the iPhone, but they have a lot of work left if they are to truly compete with the Jesus Phone.

For all you peeved readers out there that are fed up with Rogers, do any of these new phones interest you? Will you be buying either the Instinct or the Diamond?

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