SteathSIM 3G SE: Unlock your Rogers iPhone 3G

Remember the days of owning a first generation iPhone, but having it come with 1.1.2 firmware? That time period was pretty painful for the folks who could only activate and jailbreak their iPhones and use them as “iPhone Touches”. But, as with anything eventually an unlock came out through a “SIM solution”. One that worked out well for a lot of people out there was the StealthSIM.

How to Unlock your iPhone 3G: StealthSIM SE Edition

Anyways, fast forward to the iPhone 3G. The makers of the StealthSIM have now created the StealthSIM SE, a new method to unlock your iPhone 3G. It works just like the old StealthSIM. It is a thin wafer circuit that goes over your SIM card, and will allow you to use your iPhone 3G on ANY GSM network. These new StealthSIMs are thinner than the last bunch. I am getting a sample coming in the mail and will have a full review up soon.

Why is Unlocking Important? Who Needs This?

If you’re using your iPhone 3G on Rogers and Fido at the present moment, you don’t need this. However, if you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling and want to use your iPhone, this could save you a lot of money. Instead of paying the excessive Rogers roaming charges overseas, this StealthSIM SE will enable you to use local GSM carrier SIM cards.

So if you’re hitting up Hong Kong for the weekend, you can just buy a local SIM and use that. Easy as pie and you won’t have to deal with the wait for a software unlock and risk of damaging your iPhone.

The StealthSIM SE currently it retails for $99 and may come as pricey to some of you. However if you desperately need your iPhone 3G unlocked, this easy and painless solution could be priceless in the long run! Click here to visit the StealthSIM SE website.

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