“More.” Cases Review and CONTEST!!

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Today’s post will be a group case review and give-away from more-thing.com. (Another give-away!!! You guys are way, way too lucky.)

�Ultra Slim�, �Red Magic�, �Diamond Series�, and �Color series� cases by More.

Recently I got the chance to use and test out some cases from More. I hadn’t heard of them before, so I was intrigued by the chance of being able to test some of their iPhone 3G protection solutions. The first of this batch of protection that I tested was the �Ultra Slim� Silicone case, a silicone �Color series� case, and �The Red Magic� silicone case. All three cases are pretty similar with the exception that both the �Color series� and �Red Magic� cases have a ribbed back and an exposed circular area from where you can see the Apple Logo from the back of the case. With the �Ultra Slim� case, the material is very thin and form fitting around the iPhone, so it reduces on bulk and feels really good in the hand. The �Color series� and �Red Magic� cases are a little more thick because of the ribbed design but still very form fitting.

All three cases cover the entire back, sides, top, and bottom of the case leaving holes open for the camera, the headphone jack, the silent switch, the dock connector, and speaker/microphone. The entire front of the cases, including home button, is fully exposed so you do have to be mindful of that.

After trying the cases on the iPhone 3G, they both provide a really snug fit. Since the cases are of the silicone type, they do not add bulk or weight to the iPhone 3G, but if you were you drop the phone with these cases on, the iPhone 3G would likely be damaged.

After using the case types, everything about them works pretty well. Since they are just silicone cases, and nice ones at that, I really cannot find anything wrong with them. I just want to add that I particular like the �Color series� and �Red Magic� case because as is common with many silicone cases, they block the entire back of the phone and no one knows you have an iPhone. Well, for those you need to show off their iPhone 3G, the �Color series� and �Red Magic� expose the Apple Logo quite well and I think that adds a nice touch to the case overall. It blends really well with the case and is not a over-the-top �look at me� kind of deal at all.

The second case type that I received was the �Diamond Series� from More.

The case is pretty similar to the first three however instead of ribbed backing, it is a diamond design of which you can also see the Apple Logo. With the �Diamond series�, the material is much more thick than that of the previous three cases. It is still very form fitting and because of the thickness, I would say that this case would likely survive a fall assuming the phone lands on the case sides.

As with the previous three, the �Diamond Series� covers the entire back, sides, top, and bottom of the case leaving holes open for the camera, the headphone jack, the silent switch, the dock connector, and speaker/microphone. The entire front of the case, including home button, is fully exposed. Overall, everything about it is good, but I am not a fan of the diamond design….to flashy for me, but hey, that is the style of this case. The only other thing that may bother others as it did me, is because the case is little thicker than the rest and feels as if it is made with a different material, the case is tough to get on and off. This is being compared with the previous three cases where they just came off and on with minimal effort, but the �Diamond series� will require a little bit of push.

Overall, I like them all. All four cases provide adequate protection, a form fitting design, and some nice colours to go along with it.

For the �Ultra Slim� case, I give a 8/10.

For the �Color Series� case, 8/10.

For the �Red Magic� case, 9/10.

For the �Diamond series� case, 7/10

The �Ultra Slim�, �Color Series�, �Red Magic�, and �Diamond Series� can be purchased from the More. online store, however I am giving away the four pictured above TODAY! Read below to find out how to win!

More. case give-aways

As mentioned above, I will be giving away these cases from More. to four lucky winners today!

Post in the comments below of why you love your iPhone 3G and which case would look the BEST and why on your iPhone 3G.

The contest will run until Friday September 5 at 12:01am. Any submissions after that date/time will not be accepted.