2.1 iPhone Firmware Download Available on Friday!

Taaa daaa!! X1Zero’s father, Steve Jobs has done it again with this update to his iPod line up at today’s Let’s Rock Apple event! Most of the rumors were that a new Nano would be released, changes to the iPod Touch, iTunes 8 and 2.1 iPhone firmware. Looks like some of those rumors were bang on! Before we start…Steve Jobs entered the stage and crushed a recent rumor about his “death”:

2.1 iPhone Firmware is Coming your way this Friday!!!

Well, the important news I was waiting for was the 2.1 iPhone firmware update! Stevey-boy didn’t disappoint and announced that 2.1 firmware is going to be available free to download this Friday! 2.1 firmware is…

* a big update according to Steve Jobs
* going to fix a lot of bugs, such as fewer dropped calls
* going to bring better battery life improvements
* going to fix crashing Apps
* going to speed up backups

As I mentioned before, if your Rogers/Fido iPhone 3G is jailbroken, then updating via iTunes is going to remove your jailbreak. With such a plethora of new bug fixes I’m going to be updating on Friday along with tonnes of other iPhone 3G owners. This 2.1 firmware should’ve been on the iPhone 3G when it was released, but of course it wasn’t. Oh well, at least Apple is addressing these updates in a timely fashion!

Apple Let’s Rock Event Summary–Cliff notes version–What you missed:

iTunes 8 released: HD shows, grid view, “Genius Playlists” (in other words, customized playlists to your music preferences).

iPod Classic update: now comes in 120GB for $250, 160GB model dropped.

iPod Nano redesign: it’s super skinny now, available in rainbow colors (silver, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink). Accelerometer added allowing for turning the iPod sideways for Cover Flow, “shake” for shuffle (neat), voice recorder using the new headphones, made from GREEN materials, voice recorder. 8GB for $150 and 16GB for $199.

New Apple Premium In-Ear Headphones: $79, dual drivers (woofer + tweeter).

iPod Touch redesign: chromed trim, external volume controls, Genius playlists, Nike+ integration, 2.1 firmware, accelerometer, EXTERNAL speaker. $229 for the 8GB, $299 for the 16GB, and $399 for the 32GB.

So there you have it. The event ended with Jack Johnson on stage and the entire thing lasted about an hour. Can’t wait for Friday’s 2.1 firmware update, enjoy your jailbroken iPhone 3G until then! A big thanks to Gizmodo and Engadget for the pictures!

What did you guys think of the event? What was the biggest highlight/disappointment for you?

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