iPhone Home-screen Etiquette

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Today’s post will be a quick tip on keeping your iPhone home-screen organized.


Home-screen Etiquette

As many of you know, the iPhone Home-screen is where all your icons are on the phone. More specifically, anywhere you see your icons (SMS, Phone, Mail, etc) is your home-screen. Well, if you are like me, your initial (first) home-screen is getting a little cluttered and unorganized with stock iPhone Apps and likely the many new ones you have downloaded. In order to clean this up and make it more organized, the iPhone allows you to move your icons around and have up to nine home-screens in total.

In order to move your icons around, simply place your finger on any icon on your home-screen and hold your finger there until all of the icons begin to wiggle. At this point, you can remove your finger. Now, place your finger on the icon(s) that you want to move around and hold your finger in place on the icon. As you move your finger along the iPhone screen, the icon will move with you. If you drag your finger close to the edge of the iPhone screen, you will create a new home-screen. Finally, when you are happy with where the icon is, just let go of the icon by raising your finger and the icon will settle in its new position. Now push the home button to stop the wiggle and done! Furthermore, you can swipe left and right along the screen move between home screens.

What I find fantastic about this feature is you can make multiple home-screens and have specific icons on the different home-screens. For example, I have four home-screens. One has all of the stock iPhone Apps, the second screen is website icons, the third screen is games, and the last screen are additional applications downloaded from the AppStore. Using the method detailed above, you to can make themed and organized home-screens.

The advantage to grouping icons together like this is being able to quickly access a particular icon faster, instead of searching for it among all the unrelated icons, plus, it just looks better. For example, on iPhoneFan’s home-screen, it takes him about an hour (exaggerated) to find an App when I ask him to find one for me, however for me, I just head to my Applications home-screen and DONE!

So, I hope you all give this a try. This feature is pretty well known, but I still bump into people that get terrified when all the icons on their phone begin to wiggle! So, if you bump into someone like this, enlighten them with your knowledge of Home-screen�Etiquette!!!

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