Finding an Older Brother for my iPhone 3G

Yesterday Apple had a special media event to announce an update to their notebook line ups. I’ve been waiting patiently to pick up my first MacBook and it looks like I’ll get the chance today at the Apple Store in Vancouver.

I’ve been using my trusty Dell 700M for the past few years but it’s time to move on. I’m tired of dealing with Windows XP and the headaches that come with it. On top of that my speakers no longer work because the constant opening and closing of the lid has “spliced” the speaker wires (Dell FTW). What about buying another PC notebook? I refuse to do so because of Vista. Don’t even get me started on Vista, as I refuse to touch that OS with a 10 foot pole.

My original first gen iPhone was my first taste of a true Apple product (aside from my 4G 20GB iPod) and it got me hooked. The iPhone OS is so intuitive and everything is so easy to use. It definitely got me interested in acquiring my first Mac down the road. It looks like that time has come! So come tomorrow, hopefully the Apple Store in Vancouver will have ample MacBooks in stock as I’m going to be picking one up after work!

Some iPhone News that Came out of Today’s Announcement

What about the iPhone? Did we get ANY news from today? Well, here is some very cool news regarding the iPhone headphones and the new MacBooks courtesy of Jason Snell from Macworld:

Yes, it’s true — these new MacBooks work with your iPhone headphones. If you click the button on your iPhone headphones, iTunes pauses. Click again, and the music resumes. A double-click advances one track, and a triple-click moves back a track—just like on the iPhone. What’s more, the headphones’ built-in microphone appears as the input device “Microphone port” in the Sound preference pane.

Awesome news! Our iPhone headphones will work with the new MacBooks. Gotta love the integration, thanks Apple! 😉 Anyone else picking up a MacBook today?

[via Macworld, Engadget, Apple]

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