Apple Exceeds 10 Million iPhones Sold in 2008

Yesterday Apple announced their Q4 earnings for the end of the 2008 fiscal year. The results? Revenue of $7.9 billion dollars and a $1.14 billion dollar profit, plus $25 billion in cash and no debt. Just short of incredible if you ask me. This company is growing fast and the sky’s the limit it seems. Let’s take a look first at iPhone sales, shall we?

How Many iPhones Did Apple Sell in 2008?

Apple had a very clear goal with their iPhone: Sell 10 million units in 2008. Well, it’s safe to say they not only met their goal they exceeded it. The fourth quarter resulted in 6.89 million units sold versus 1.11 million in the same quarter a year ago. Obviously the numbers have increased because of the iPhone’s worldwide expansion (including the Great White North), but still selling almost 7 million iPhones in a quarter is pretty remarkable.

What about the rest of the Apple line up? Apple also sold 2.6 million Macs and 11 million iPods. I can only imagine how many more iPhones Apple will sell once the next generation iPhone is released. Just look at the original iPod when it was first launched, and what it has evolved into today. Now imagine the iPhone in its place…jeez, what new features might we see in the future? A built in coffee maker feature??

Bring it on: iPhone vs Blackberry

It looks like the whole iPhone vs Blackberry debate is getting very interesting. Apple sold more iPhones this quarter than RIM did with their successful Blackberry. 6.9 million iPhones versus 6.7 million Blackberries.

As for the App Store? By now the 200 millionth application has already been downloaded. Steve Jobs touted Apple as having the most talented employees and best customers. I love my iPhone and so far I’m really enjoying my new MacBook. I have to admit Apple does know a thing or two on making products that look great and work even better. It’s such a simple formula that a lot of other companies could learn from.

Apple is now the world’s 3rd largest mobile phone provider by revenue, according to Jobs. I can see Apple eventually taking over the #1 spot in the near future. What’s next for Apple? iMicrowaves? iOvens? iCars? 😉


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