Review: Case-Mate Screen Protection Kit & Privacy Screen

Hey all!

Before we begin, congratulations to “x00carly” for being the chosen winner of the iPowerRush Battery Pack! Enjoy!

For today’s post: a dual product review of the Case-Mate iPhone 3G Screen Protection Kit and Universal Privacy Screen Pro.

Case-Mate Screen Protection Kit & Privacy Screen

Before doing this review, I had to find someone that had used the product or had one to use because I did not want to use the ones I was going to give-away (oops…look at me dropping secrets!). Anyway, after a few days of searching and calling, I tracked down two people that had not opened either the Screen Protection Kit or the Privacy Screen. So, I volunteered to apply both for them to their iPhone’s and thus this review was born!

I will start with the Screen Protection Kit. Basically, its a screen film protector like many of you have seen before. It comes with an applicator card, a cleaning cloth, and THREE screen protectors (I thought this was pretty fantastic). The application of the screen film was no different than any other that I have done…time and patience is the key. After the application, the film is pretty much invisible except when you angle it just right in the light…but seriously, who does that anyway? Overall, I like them, especially that you get three!

Then I moved over to the privacy screen. At first, I was not exactly sure what this was until I got into the package. Essentially, it is a film that sits on your screen and because the film is slightly darkened, it shields the screen from prying eyes. For example, you are on your local transit system (and if it’s anything like Vancouver, BC’s system, you will love this product) and you are browsing on your online banking site. Well, to the 3 people standing near you, they can see all! However, with this film on, the screen is darkened at an angle (think DLP televisions when you sit at a 45 degree angle) and they cannot see anything, allowing you to finish your transactions at ease! In short, if you are a private person or just do not like prying eyes, this product is a total winner!

The Protection Kit is available on Case-Mate’s online store for $9.99 and the Privacy Screen for $19.99.

So, two fantastic reviews means two give-aways!

Both Case-Mate products pictured above will be given away today to two readers that post below on why and how they can use ONE of the products. So, if you want the privacy screen, post why you want it or how you can use it. If you want the screen protection kit, same terms. You cannot have both. PICK ONE! Failure to comply gets you a zero chance to win. The contest will end on Friday November 21, 2008 at 11:59pm.


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