QuickPwn 2.2 and PwnageTool 2.2 Download Now Available!

That was fast, wasn’t it? The iPhone Dev Team has once again jailbroken the latest 2.2 firmware! They have released download links available for QuickPwn 2.2 and PwnageTool 2.2 via Bit Torrent. There is no support for the 2G iPod Touch as the Dev Team is concentrating their efforts on the iPhone 3G software unlock (it will allow you to use your iPhone with any SIM card around the world).

Here are some very important instructions posted by the Dev Team, which I think we should all read very carefully:

# GOLDEN RULE: If you have a 3G iPhone and want potential soft unlock in the near future do NOT use QuickPwn, and do not use the official ipsw or the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool.

# Read item 1 again and again.

# At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the latest versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn.

# These are suitable for the recent 2.2 release.

# Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools.

# The ‘late 2008’ MacBook/air/pro line of computers have an issue with DFU mode.  While it’s possible to go from Pwned 2.1 -> Pwned 2.2 (using PwnageTool), you can’t yet go from stock to pwned.  If in any doubt use a different machine.

# Choosing the correct tool is crucial. Be warned!

Bittorrent Releases

* PwnageTool 2.2 for Mac OS X is here (updated for Simple Mode) SHA1 Sum – 97ee6096aaa1967498431bf01c36c18d0e877545

* QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac OS X is here SHA1 Sum – 254b8af0e19870a4660b7b11e3b6f6ae1d6bc66f

* QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows is here SHA1 Sum – ffdbc561224c61ffc2713cb6a6e696b6d429c4ca

In a nutshell, if you want to software unlock your iPhone 3G in the future, ONLY use the PwnageTool to make a custom firmware. Do not use iTunes to update to 2.2.

As for myself, I am planning on using the PwnageTool to install a custom 2.2 firmware on my iPhone. However, I recently picked up the late 2008 MacBook and apparently DFU mode is a problem. Maybe I’ll do some tests to see if it really is true. Self guinea pig anyone? 😛 I will be sure to post a video of the entire process so stay tuned!

If you’re going to jailbreak 2.2, I would suggest waiting a day or two for all the “kinks” to smooth out. Everytime these files get released, people jump in too quickly without reading thoroughly and preparing yourself to make sure you do it correctly. If you’re not comfortable with tinkering around with your iPhone, jailbreaking is not for you! Use caution at all times!

Let us know how your jailbreaking process goes in the comments!

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