Review: Griffin PowerJolt charger

Hey all!

Before we begin, congratulations to �Terry� for being the chosen winner of the Case-Mate Clear Armor! Enjoy!

Today’s post will be a car charger review of the Griffin �PowerJolt� for iPhone.

Griffin �PowerJolt� for iPhone (white)

The Griffin PowerJolt is Griffin’s line of car chargers for the iPhone. It comes in two pieces; the USB charging cable and the AC adapter for the car. Essentially, you plug the AC Adapter into your cars’ cigarette lighter and then plug the USB cable into that AC Adapter. From there, the 30-pin connector plugs into your iPhone and you are ready to go!

The adapter is small and discrete and comes in a fashionable white with grey accents. The accessory itself is a fantastic compliment to your iPhone, especially if you forget to charge your iPhone over night, you can just charge it in the car on the go! I tested it out briefly and it works well. Aside from the nice amber/green charging light, the USB cable length is not too long and does not clutter up the interior of my car. The other nice thing is you can use the included USB cable as a sync cable (assuming you do not have one already) to sync your iPhone with your PC or Mac.

The �PowerJolt� runs for $19.99 on Griffins Online Store.

So I do hope there is someone out there that wants the Griffin PowerJolt because I love mine! So, this charger is being given away today! To win, post below a brief Poem about the iPhone and the Griffin Charger! The best response wins! The contest will end on Friday December 5, 2008 at 11:59pm.