Copy & Paste now available – not from Apple though!

Ever since the iPhone was launched, one of the most wanted and asked for features, which quite frankly should have been included from day 1, is the ability to copy and paste.  There have been previous apps that allowed you to copy and paste, but you either had to have a jailbroken phone, something not everyone wants to do, or there was some limitation on the abilities of the copy and paste which did not make it an ideal solution.

The latest shot at copy and paste is called pastebud, which allows you to copy and paste between Safari webpages, between Safari and Mail, and also from Mail to Safari! The great thing about pastebud is that it does not require any software installation, no need to jailbreak, and it’s completely legal.  It works by using two bookmarks, intuitively called COPY and PASTE.  COPY prepares and loads the page you are currently viewing.  Once it is loaded, you are ready to select text at the touch of a finger. From there, you can copy the text you want and create a new mail message with that text in it. And like I said, you will also be able to copy and paste in the text field of a different web page. You can check out a video of pastebud in action here. The developers were working on it right up until release, so the final product will probably look more like the photo below than what’s in the video.

Even though this isn’t the full copy and paste that is needed, it is pretty close, and works for what 95% of us will need it for, copying something from a webpage and putting it into an email, or vice versa.  Best of all, it’s free and requires no installation via the App Store.  The website is set to launch sometime early Friday morning, so head over to, give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!