Review: Quattro-T1 and T4 from IvySkin

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Before we begin, congratulations to �Trent�, �Brook�, and �Justin� for being the chosen winners of the �BatRest�!

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Today’s post will be a review of the �Quattro-T1� and �Quattro-T4� from IvySkin!

�Quattro-T1� by IvySkin

In my days of reviews, the Quattro-T1 would be the second silicone type case that I have reviewed that I really like. Why? Because the silicone is THICK. As I have said many times in the past, most silicone cases are quite flimsy and thin, which provide little protection from impacts. However, with the Quattro-T1, you get an overall consistent thickness that still keeps the sleek form factor of the iPhone 3G.

The Quattro has cut outs in all the right places; headphone jack, screen sensors, speaker/mic, dock port, and a bonus cut out for the Apple Logo on the back. Moreover, the headphone and dock cutouts have covers to keep dirt and dust out. So far it sounds typical, but here is where it gets fun. On top of this, the case provides a film screen protector, a clear plastic plug to cover the screen sensors, and a clear circular plug to cover the Apple Logo cut out. Some of you may be wondering what these are for, well, the case is completely sealed and protected! You get silicone, plastic plugs, and a screen protector for a 100% protection package! I have had some good silicone cases in the past, but this one takes the top spot by a long shot. If you are looking for a silicone case type solution for your iPhone 3G, this is your winner.

�Quattro-T4� by IvySkin

Next, we have the Quattro-T4. This case is really neat; I would describe it as a capsule for your iPhone 3G. The entire back and side of the case is made from what is called �Polysilicon�. In regular terms, it is similar to a hard shell. It feels like aluminum (sure looks like it), but actually is not, however, it definitely will provide solid protection against impacts. Moreover, the front screen is made of �Xylo-Glass� and does not mess up the touch screen sensitivity of the iPhone.

Since the case is sealed once the iPhone is in it, Ivyskin provides a black plug for the Dock Connector port in order to keep it clean. On top of this, you get your headphone and camera cut outs, silent switch, speakers, and even the home button is covered in a silicone material to prevent damage. I would say this case is a very nice combination of fashion and function, because the steel-blue color is pretty wicked. The only real downside I can see to this case is because the front screen is made glass, if it were to break, the case would almost be useless because as far as I can see, the glass screen and the backing of the case are all one piece. Other than that, this case gets the go-ahead in my books.

The �Quattro-T1� is available for $34.99 and the �Quattro-T4� is available for $44.99 on IvySkin�s Online Store.

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