$2000+ iPhoneinCanada.ca One Year Anniversary Giveaway: Day 1

Good morning everyone! Monday is here and the big announcement that you all have been waiting for is finally here. I mentioned on the blog last week to stay turned because of something important to announce. I am proud to say that today will be the start of iPhoneinCanada.ca’s One Year Blog Anniversary Prize Giveaway!

Just over a year ago I started this iPhone blog to talk about my experience using an iPhone in Canada. Who would’ve thought over a year later this blog would have built a loyal following of graceful readers and helped a whole bunch of people out with their iPhone experiences along the way.

As my way of expressing my appreciation towards everyone who has helped support this blog since its inception, I have been busy contacting our sponsors for some prizes to donate. They have come through with some amazing prizes and I hope everyone out there will enjoy winning some FREE swag.

Get Ready to Win as iPhoneinCanada.ca Gives Away  Over $2000 CDN in Prizes!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. The total of all the prizes below adds up to over $2000 CDN after converting from US dollars. Take into consideration shipping costs, taxes, etc and the total eclipses $2000 Canadian dollars. Can you feel the love yet? 😉

Anyways, here is the list of sponsors and their donations up for grabs!

ZAGG: invisibleSHIELD (50% OFF SALE till Jan.19th!) iPhone 3G Full Body x 10: $249.50US
iRepair.ca: 3 x 3rd Gen Refurbed iPod Nanos: $300US
GelaSkins: 5 x iPhone 3G skins, 5 x iPhone skins: $149.50
Helium Digital: 3 x Gel-Shellz: $74.97CDN
BoomBuds HD-340: $24.99CDN
Leatherback Flip: $24.99CDN
Leatherback Pouch: $19.99CDN
Phantom Skinz: 5 x iPhone 3G full body skins, 5 x iPhone full body skins (each full body includes two sets of skins!): $249.50US
Agile Solutions: 2 x 1Password Single License: $79.90 US
Richard Solo: 2 x DX007 (new model) Backup Battery with Flashlight: $109.90US
Things (Mac Task Management software): 1 x Single License: $49.95US
OmniFocus GTD Software (Single Licence): $79US
atebits: 5 x Tweetie for the iPhone, $14.95US; 5 x Scribbles for Mac, $99.75US
RedFlagDeals.com and PriceCanada.com: 5 x RedFlagDeals.com T-shirts & $50 Future Shop Gift Card

Grand Prize: Sony Portable DVD Player FXDVP825: $249.99 CDN.


• 8″ LCD Widescreen 180 Swivel and Flip monitor
• High-Resolution Type (800 x 480 resolution)
• Up to 6 Hour of Battery Life
• Dual Sensor for Remote Control
• 2 Headphone Outputs to share audio
• 12 bit/108 MHz Video DAC
• Control Buttons on Screen Bezel
• AC and Car Adapter included

Here’s an interesting story. The Sony Portable DVD player was a prize I won from the Rogers Customer Appreciation survey I took online! I haven’t even opened the box as I’ve decided to give it away.

How to Win the Sony Portable DVD Player + $100 Towards your Charity

However, in order for everyone to be eligible to win on the day I announce the Sony Portable DVD giveaway, I’d like you to help out to promote the blog by announcing the following on Twitter:

$2000 Blog Anniversary Giveaway! Follow @iphoneincanada & Retweet to win a Sony Portable DVD Player & $100 for charity! http://bit.ly/3uzi

If I am able to surpass 1000 followers on Twitter with your help, not only will I give away the Sony DVD Player, but I’ll personally donate $100CDN to the winner’s favorite charity as well! It’s a win-win situation for everyone! =)

Be sure to tell everyone I’m giving away all this stuff (or maybe don’t tell them as that will lower your chances, hehe)! This giveaway is the largest contest going on right now on the internet. Get ready to be part of history in the making! No other site has given so much away for free!

Okay Dude, Stop Talking and Tell Me How I Can Win This Stuff!

This week will be one giant giveaway week on the blog, mixed in with posts from yours truly, X1Zero, and Barryn Deuthin of course. But I will try to concentrate on giving away all this swag!

Each day will be a different giveaway so you’ll have to come to the blog to find out the prizes of the day! Make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed so you’ll be the first to find out what’s next on the list!

Day 1: ZAGG’s iPhone 3G invisibleSHIELD x 10

I have TEN full body iPhone 3G invisibleSHIELDS up for grabs. In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. That’s it!

Comments are moderated for first timers, so if you don’t see your comment appear just calm down. It will show up when I approve it!


Contest ends today at 11:59PM PST…one entry per address. Contest is open to Canadian and US residents. I will put all the names in a hat and select ten winners. If you don’t win, remember that ZAGG is currently having a site-wide 50% off sale! Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow and the announcement of the winners! 😉

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