Gmail Tasks Optimized for the iPhone

I am a huge Google fan, and use many Google services such as Gmail and Google Reader. Many of these services are optimized for the iPhone, such as the Google search, Google Reader, Gmail, and previously iGoogle. Well, it looks like the Google team made up for the loss of the iPhone-optimized iGoogle homepage by introducing Gmail Tasks for the iPhone yesterday!

Gmail Tasks is basically moving away from paper and onto your iPhone for making lists of things to do and projects to complete. It seems like this is Google’s reply to the ever popular GTD (Get Things Done) movement with apps like Things and OmniFocus to name a few. Of course, comparing Gmail Tasks to those aforementioned apps isn’t fair.

What I do like about Gmail Tasks is how your list is readily available with you at all times and any changes you make on your iPhone will be seen on the web. Things requires syncing with your computer, but OmniFocus can be setup with a WEBDAV to sync over the air (EG MobileMe).

Using Gmail Tasks is relatively straightforward. You make your lists, and when you hit “enter” another line appears to just type in all the tasks you have on your mind. You can create different lists and tick off tasks as you complete them. Very simple and very cool. Well done Google!


Here’s what the Gmail Team had to say from their blog:

Just go to from your phone’s browser and log in. If you already use the version of Tasks in Gmail Labs, you’ll see the same task list that’s always in sync. We focused on making it super easy and fast to update your Gmail task list — you can add new tasks and check off completed ones, no matter where you are (like in a meeting or at the grocery store) even when you’re in the bathroom.

…and here is what my iPhone homescreen looks like at the moment. I’ve been using Things and OmniFocus iPhone apps along with their Mac versions, so expect a mini review coming soon:


[via Just Another iPhone Blog]

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