xGPS: Turn-by-Turn GPS for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Is your iPhone jailbroken yet? If it’s not, then after checking out the review of this upcoming 3rd party app, you’re going to want to. The program is called xGPS by Xwaves, and it’s a turn-by-turn GPS for the iPhone. This app will now give us real time voice GPS navigation!

Right now, 1.1 is available which does not have the voice feature yet. However, once the 1.2 beta version is finalized and scheduled for released on February 20th, get ready for some fun. Words cannot do justice to this app, just watch the videos to see what I mean.

Video 1:

Video 2:

xGPS will work for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. You will also be able to play your iPod at the same time as you saw in the videos above. 1.2 beta will also feature English voice instructions, alerting you on when and where to turn on your journey–way cool!

I tried this app out this afternoon and early on I must say this app is definitely impressive. There is also an option for KM/H, which will make Canadians and the rest of the world rejoice. What I do love about xGPS is how the maps auto-rotate as you’re driving–awesomeness.

The speedometer is pretty much a ballpark figure, but given the fact that I only used it for a short period in a crowded environment, that didn’t help. You will also be able to download maps for offline use as well. Check out the screenshots below:


You can download xGPS via Cydia. If you can’t find it, you will need to add the following Source: http://cydia.xwaves.net

Are you getting the “size mismatch” error? You need to delete the Xwaves repo, and download xGPS from the MMI (modmyiphone) repo instead. 🙂

Let me know how you like this app so far. Could we soon see GPS apps in the App Store?