Etre Touchy Gloves for the iPhone

During the winter months of the year it can get pretty darn cold outside. Most people wear gloves but if you’re an iPhone owner, this is a problem. The iPhone’s capacitive screen requires bare skin in order to function. So most people need to either take off their gloves each time someone calls or use their noses in desperation.

Last time we checked out a review of the Tavo gloves which have conductive metal tips on the fingers. But what about those who want a better solution? Well, today we’re going to take a look at the Etre Touchy gloves for the iPhone.

Etre Touchy Gloves Take Advantage of Your Naked Index Finger and Thumb

Here’s the secret to the Etre Touchy gloves–the tips of the index finger and thumb are chopped off, exposing your bare skin which will allow the proper use of your iPhone. They are essentially mittens that will enable you to use your iPhone more effectively.


Having tried out the Tavo Gloves, I found them to work but only for answering the phone. The tips were too large to type on the touchscreen. In contrast, the Etre Touchy gloves keep your two most important fingers exposed so you can stay addicted to your iPhone on the bus, subway, or inside your car.


The 100% acrylic is similar to those one-size-fits-all mittens you had when you were a kid and keep your hands warm. The color is charcoal with a turquoise trim. These are the only colors for now, which is a bit limiting. As for your index and thumb, it looks like they will have to brave the winter chill! Hey, it’s a small price to pay to feed your Twitter addiction in the bitter cold.


Etre Touchy gloves are available for $22US with free worldwide shipping. They are some decent gloves if you’ve been desperately waiting for the most effective solution to play with your iPhone in the heart of Canadian winters.

You could always make your own using $1 gloves from any dollar store, but that requires some ghetto modding. Let Etre Touchy do the work for you!