Review: Silver Revolver by Little Pixels

Hey all!

Today I have an amusing application review for you! It is called “Silver Revolver” and it is a Revolver hand gun simulator for the iPhone!

Silver Revolver by Little Pixels

Silver Revolver gives you a digital, non-lethal reproduction of a chrome Revolver that has a very rich hand gun graphic, realistic sounds, and comes ready to fire six bullets!

Aside from being able to spin the barrel Western Style, you can fill the barrel with up to six bullets and fire them by simply tapping the trigger. When the barrel is empty or low on ammo, you will shake the iPhone to reload the full six shots and continue firing! Also, because you can load up to six bullets, that means you can also load one bullet for example, and play a little game of Russian Roulette, but without the outcome! If you are savvy enough, there are some interesting and fun uses for this application!

In the options area of the application, you can toggle off or on a vibrating feature, auto-reloading, and whether you want to shake the iPhone in a certain direction to either fire the revolver or reload it. Moreover, Silver Revolver makes use of the iPhone accelerometer so you can turn the Revolver end over end (so you can have the speaker facing out, for example).

There is a video demo of Silver Revolver here.

However, there is a warning I must note here stated directly from Little Pixels:

“The app should not be used in a public setting, as the realistic sounds could be mistaken for a real weapon. As a rule, Revolver should not be used within earshot/sight of anyone who isn’t aware that it’s an application”.

In other words, play nice. 🙂

If you are looking to pickup Silver Revolver, you can click here to buy it in the iTunes App Store (make sure you have iPhone firmware 2.0 or later). However, please note that you will require a USA iTunes account (read how to make one here! It takes 35 seconds!).

But, I am giving away two promo codes here today for Silver Revolver! To score yourself one of the promo codes, post below in the comments the following:

1.) What would YOU use Silver Revolver for?

Winners will be chosen at random! Contest ends March 9, at 11:59PM.


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