Review: Podium by Pivotal for iPhone

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Today we have a premium product review coming your way!

It is called “Podium” designed by ‘Pivotal’ and ‘Procreate Inc.’ and is a high quality stand for your iPhone or iPhone 3G. It has also now become my new favorite iPhone stand and accessory. 🙂

Podium by Pivotal

As I mentioned above, Podium is a very high quality, innovative stand for the iPhone or iPhone 3G. It completely enhances the user experience when using the iPhone and as a result makes the iPhone a better device. If you check out the pictures below, you will see that Podium has been designed with the user experience in mind and extreme attention has been given to its form, function and engaging presence.

Podium is made from a solid steel base with polished nickel or gloss white (depending on which Podium you’re looking at) which gives it that very glamorous shine. Moreover, on the bottom of Podium (under the stand itself) you have a non-slip, non-marring base pad to ensure that Podium does not move around when you are using it with your iPhone.

What you may notice with other stands from other companies is many do not have a non-slip bottom, so, when you tap on your iPhone while it is in the stand, you actually end up moving the stand as well, but there is no such problem with Podium. Moving up along the stand, you have a USB cable pass-through (very much like an iMac) which is used for your sync cable.

Moving over to the cradle that holds your iPhone in place, you have three soft-snap overmold fingers that securely hold your iPhone in place, and I mean SECURELY. I did a little stress test here by putting in my iPhone and forcefully waving Podium downward trying to get my iPhone to fall out and….no such luck (I guess I should be happy about that!).

With Podium you also have full access to the screen, volume rocker, dock connector, headphone jack, sleep/wake button, and silent switch. Moving on, the cradle is made from very durable ABS polymer that does not scratch your iPhone when hooked into the cradle (something common with many stands) and it does not matter whether you have a screen protector on or entire body film, it will fit beautifully.

So, what holds all this together? This is where Podium really shines.

Between the cradle and the stand, you have two components. First, a molded “Santoprene” spherical bearing for very smooth, multi-axis rotation. Yes, multi-axis! When your iPhone is the in the cradle, you pivot Podium in any angle that suits your comfort and you can pivot it in either landscape or portrait mode (without any fear that your iPhone will fall), both which work great for when you are typing or just watching a video for example.

The second part between the cradle and stand is a stainless steel threadlocker so you know this iPhone accessory is not just going to fall apart on you. The additional nice thing Podium delivers is none of this needs to be assembled. You open the box and start using Podium right away.

As I said earlier, Podium works with both iPhone and iPhone 3G and there are two different colors depending on which iPhone you have. If you swing over to the Podium website, you will find the Pearl Podium for iPhone 3G and the Platinum Podium for iPhone or iPhone 3G.

However today, I have two Podiums to giveaway! The Podium Pearl for iPhone 3G and the Podium Platinum for iPhone or iPhone 3G!

To score yourself this premium product, navigate over to the Podium website and email me the following:

1.) The EIGHT listed items that Podium can be used for

2.) Which Podium you want (be very clear please)

The contest ends March 12 at 11:59PM and entries will be chosen at random. Only winners will be contacted.

For those that did not win the giveaway, I still have something for you too! If you navigate over to the Podium website, you may use promo code ‘iCanada‘ to receive 20% off your purchase of Podium (either model)! (Thanks Scott!)

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