Last Minute iPhone OS 3.0 Rumors: Copy and Paste!

We’re only a day away from the highly anticipated Tuesday Apple Event that will showcase a preview of iPhone OS 3.0! When it comes to any sort of Apple announcement the rumor mills just go absolutely berserkers and into overtime. This time around, one of the last minute iPhone OS 3.0 rumors comes from digg co-founder, Kevin Rose.

Live Diggnation Reveals Copy and Paste “Leak” by Kevin Rose

During a live filming of Diggnation at the South by Southwest festival, Kevin announced to the crowd that copy and paste was indeed coming to iPhone OS 3.0. Just how would this work? Double tapping a word would bring up the iPhone’s magnifying glass to work the copying magic. I’ll let the following video do the explaining:

Apple’s Pre-Emptive Strike Against the Palm Pre?

Another “leak” was that iPhone OS 3.0 would help bring Apple up to speed in the comparisons with the upcoming Palm Pre. On the agenda was “multitasking”, which many of us are hoping for. How much would you love to be able to have applications run in the background? The only problem with this I foresee is the limitations of the iPhone’s hardware. But, you never know, maybe 3.0 will be revamped and made even better in terms of multitasking.

Waiting for Copy and Paste for the iPhone Could Come to an End Soon

Copy and paste has been long overdue by Apple. Sure, how often will YOU use copy and paste? It really depends on what you’re doing. If you want to copy a paragraph or a few words to embed into an email, currently you have no solution (unless you’re using Clippy on a jailbroken iPhone!). I think Apple might include a few more “business” features in 3.0, to expand the userbase of the iPhone for even more sales. Copy and paste could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Do You Think These Rumors Have Any Basis of Truth?

Just how reliable is this “leak” by Kevin Rose? Well, if we take a look at his track record in the past he was bang on with details of the 4th generation iPod Nano and other features of iTunes 8. However, there were times he was inaccurate in the past too so it’s really hard to tell at this point in time.

Kevin also confirmed the death of the previous MMS and video recording rumors. He did mention that his “source” for this information was a reliable one. But, Gizmodo also received a couple tips from other “sources” claiming copy and paste in 3.0. Let’s wait and see! Tuesday can’t come any sooner!

How often would you use copy and paste and for what application?

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