Cocktails+ App Review – On Sale, Free!

I was talking to a coworker about how much fun Apps are on my iPhone, and showing her a few of my choice favorites. She was coming up with fun ideas of her own “there should be an App for drinks!” she said, and my jaw dropped. I had just read one day previous about how Cocktails+ has a one-week limited sale of it’s App being free, so I thought this was a good enough time as any to review it.


Not being a big drinker myself I first went to another coworker, and sometimes-bartender, friend of mine to see if this App stacks up. The first test was the quantity of recipes, and in that department Cocktails+ certainly does not falter. There are over 2000 different mixologist approved recipes, each from a noted publication. So Quantity and Quality, it got a nod of approval.


Now my turn to give it a whirl and test out the usability and functionality of the App. The ‘Search’ function is where I went first, and found it to be quite good. It searches not just the title of the beverage but also the entire ingredient list, so for those few who were complaining in iTunes about not being able to find recipes from the ingredients you have on hand – you’re not doing it right.

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Additional features that makes this App a cut above is the very clean, organized and pretty design. Additionally, there is Facebook and Twitter integration, which is always a big plus in my books. Finally I really enjoyed the listings by “Flavour” and probably spent the majority of my time reading about drinks that taste like everything from Apples, Beef Bullion, Marshmallow or Voilet Petals. (But don’t worry with pages and pages of listings, there’s all your regular flavors like Lime, Whiskey, Lemon, et al.)

The Cocktails+ App can be downloaded from the iTunes Store (CA Link | USA Link) for free, until Sunday April 12, 2009. For more info, see


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