Rogers 6GB/$30 Data Plan Coming Back From the Dead?

Yesterday on Twitter, cellphone guru Michael Kwan sent me an interesting tweet. It was an article from BGR with a juicy rumor that Rogers is going to revive the 6GB/$30 data plan (that some would say we helped advocate for with all the media attention) when HTC Android phones are released on June 2nd.

If this is your first time hearing about the 6GB/$30 data plan, you should know that it is one of the best bangs for your buck out there. Currently, it costs $25 for 500MB, whereas the 6GB/$30 plan works out to $5 for 1GB! The only downside is that it required a 3 year contract to get the plan.

Why the 6GB/$30 Data Plan is Crucial for iPhone Users

The iPhone uses a lot of data to render web pages to look the way they are supposed to. With streaming video/radio (think SlingPlayer over 3G, Corus Radio), Skype calls over 3G, and other data-hungry apps via the App Store, one can easily go over their allotted data usage in one month.

With fresh rumors out there regarding the next iPhone, and the upcoming surprises we have yet to hear about in iPhone OS 3.0 (think video recording), having a sufficient data plan is critical to avoid any extra overage charges from Rogers.

Given that the 6GB/$30 data plan was only available for a limited time (then quietly extended) for iPhone users, I would welcome Rogers bringing back this plan for the late iPhone 3G adopters out there. It’s only fair that all iPhone users can rest easy that they won’t be exceeding their data plan limits.


Would You Jump on the 6GB/$30 Data Plan?

I used 523MB of data last month, and the month before that just over 800MB. What was your data usage?

Are you on the 6GB/$30 data plan? If you aren’t on the plan, would you consider signing up if Rogers does bring it back for Android phones and more?