Case Review: iSkin Fuze for iPhone 3G/3GS

Today I have a  new review for a case from iSkin! This is turning out to be a great week for case reviews as most of you just scored your iPhone 3GS and now you can get some free case protection for it!

Fuze by iSkin

The Fuze is a different type of case from what iSkin normally offers. It is a departure from the silicone style of cases as the Fuze is a hard shell case that encompasses the entire device. The iPhone 3G/3GS is placed into the shell casing and the top half of the shell snaps shut around it, giving your iPhone 3G/3GS virtually 100% protection.

The Fuze comes in two parts; the back shell and the front. The back is made from a durable rubber coating that is very smooth in the hand. The best way I can describe it is the backing feels like silk. It is really nice. The back shell, once connected with the front, provides additional protection by covering the volume buttons, sleep/wake button, and a plug for the dock connector. You still have access to all of these areas, but it is just that the case covers them.

On the front part of the case comes full screen protection. The front of the case covers the iPhone screen with a touch-through screen guard. This means that you can still use the touchscreen as you normally would, but there is a thin layer of protection between the screen and your finger. The home button on the front of the case is also protected with a soft clear rubber.

Once the two shells are connected, the Fuze makes for a great protection solution for the iPhone 3G/3GS. The entire device is covered from back to front and you still get full access to areas such as the headphone jack, camera, silent switch, and dock connector, even though some of those areas are covered by the case for additional protection.

However, there are two downsides for me with this case. First, the case adds bulk and weight to the iPhone. Once you put your iPhone into the Fuze, the entire package because heavy and a little bulky for my tastes, however that is the trade off you must make to have this kind of all around protection.

The second issue I have is with the touch-through screen guard. It is so thin that if you press it too hard, the screen guard will unglue itself and fall off. This is by far the largest problem I have with the Fuze and it is just unfortunate that it has to be this way.

By these pros and cons, I give the Fuze a 3/5. It is a great protection solution, but there are some major potential drawbacks.

If you would like the iSkin Fuze for yourself, simply post below what you currently use to protect your iPhone 3G/3GS!

Winner chosen at random; contest ends June 26, 2009 at 11:59PM.

The Fuze is available from the iSkin online store in three different colors (Black, Red, Silver) for $44.99.

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