Bell Palm Pre Ad Looks Familiar, Eh?

Happy Friday everyone! Today we’re going to dedicate a special Friday Fail (or Fabulous Friday) to the marketing team at Bell for coming up with this original ad for the upcoming Palm Pre in Canada!

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Take a look at this new Palm Pre ad and tell me what it reminds you of:

Now take a look at an iPhone 3GS ad:

The Gloves Are Off: Apple vs Bell?

Yes, Bell is blatantly copying Apple’s iPhone ads. Firstly, props to Bell’s marketing team for being sneaky with this ad because they know it’s going to be blogged about everywhere (hey, I’m talking about it too!). We’ve all heard of the old saying, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and this is a perfect case.

Secondly, the team from Bell can probably expect a call from Apple’s lawyers for ripping off their commercial. Why can’t Bell come up with their own tactics for marketing the new Palm Pre? I know why, because the Pre is going to be a flop in Canada! Enjoy your CDMA network everyone. 😉

What do you think? Great ad or poor ad?