Create Awesome Ringtones, with Smule’s “I Am T-Pain”

One of the silliest, but funnest apps I’ve used over the past week, has got to be “I Am T-Pain“, by Smule. Smule are known for other great apps like “Ocarina” and “Leaf Trombone: World Stage“. “I Am T-Pain”, records your voice on it’s own (Freestyle), or singing along to full on, karaoke-style tracks, and adds “Auto-tune”, which makes you sound like T-Pain. You can then save your recordings, and send them, via email, or upload them to Facebook or MySpace.

My review of this app: Awesome! Totally fun, and worth the $2.99, from the iTunes App Store, but that is not what I’m writing about today.

You can easily use the Freestyle mode to record personal, T-Pain style ringtones!! Here’s what ya gotta do:

1. Open up the “I Am T-Pain” app. (I’m assuming you’ve already purchased it!). Tap to continue, and you’ll autimatically get a countdown to record in Freestyle mode.

IMG_0562 IMG_0557

2. Sing your heart out, with whatever you want your ringtone to be. I chose, “You’re phone is ringing.”, in my smooth R&B voice. (no laughing). When your done, (Try to keep it under 30 seconds), hit the pause button, on the top. Play it back to make sure you got it right, then tap the Save button. You’ll get a pop up asking if you want to Save or Restart. Tap Save.

IMG_0561 IMG_0559

3. The next screen gives you the option to post to your favourite social network, or send in an email. Tap “Send song in email”. The app will upload your hot track to the Smule servers, and then email it to whatever address you specify. You may be prompted to activate an account. It’s free, but it you don’t have to. You should get your email right away:

IMG_0560 screenshot_01

4. In the email you just received, right click on “Freestyle 1”, or whatever your recording is called. Select “Download Linked File”. When you get the file. it will have some long crazy name, that doesn’t make any sense. Just rename the whole thing, extension and all. I called mine “TPain01.m4r”. Make sure you use the extension .m4r. This tells iTunes that it is a Ringtone, and not a regular music track.

screenshot_05 becomes:  screenshot_06

5. Lastly, double click your new file. It will automatically be imported into iTunes, in the ringtone section. Sync it to your iPhone and select it from Settings > Sounds > Ringtone. Click here, to enjoy my creation. Don’t be hatin’! You knows I gots skillz!!

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