How Much, is Too Much?

There has always been this quest to get more stuff on your iPhone screens. As more and more great apps are released, we need more and more room to keep them on our iPhones. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you probably know about all the tweaks to change how much fits on your screen. But how much, is too much?

For me, it started off with the “Five Icon Dock”. This was nice. I was able to keep my Messagess, Phone, iPod, Safari, and Mail, all in one place, and access them no matter what screen I was on. But that was just the “gateway” tweak. Then I discovered “Fivelrows”, which gives you a fifth row of icons. After that, it was “Five Column Springboard”, which added a fifth column of icons.

Now, today, I discovered “Six Icon Dock”. I think I need help! How much further can this go?! “Sixelrows”?, “Six Column Springboard”?!! I seriously cannot see my wallpaper anymore! Is there some kind of support  group I can join?

I have tried using “Categories” to clear up some room, but that was just like chewing that nicotine gum to quit smoking: it curbed the craving a bit, but I just could not break the habit. My screen just kept filling up!!


Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some where we can get help?

Hi, my name is Mike, and i am an icon-aholic.

If you can see it in your heart to help this cause, please visit my blog, Green Candy, and follow me on Twitter: @rorypiper. Only with your help, can we fight this addiction.