Review: BudgetGadgets Mini Portable Speaker for iPod/iPhone

Today I have a new accessory from my new source of low priced accessories. It is a mini Portable Speaker from BudgetGadgets that is light weight, portable and works for both iPod and iPhone.

Mini Portable Speaker from BudgetGadgets

The mini Portable Speaker from BudgetGadgets is a small, ultra-portable mini stereo speaker for your iPhone or iPod. Since the speaker does have a 3.5mm plug, you could plug it into any device/adapter that supports 3.5mm.

Mini Speaker 001Mini Speaker 003

The Size

The major benefit of this speaker is its size, which makes it easy to carry and store in tight places. There are also two speakers on either side that produce 500mW power output per channel.

Once plugged into an iPhone or iPod (or any other 3.5mm device), the entire mini speaker can be rotated. So once it is plugged in, the speaker is not stuck in one position, as you can rotate it a full 360°.

Mini Speaker 012Mini Speaker 002

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, I was not impressed. I plugged the portable speaker into my iPhone 3GS and laid it down next to my iPhone 3G and played the same song, at the same time from both devices. The portable speaker (two speakers) sounded at the same volume as the iPhone 3G speaker (one speaker).

I could almost argue that the sound was better coming from the iPhone 3G than from the portable speaker. But overall, there was very little difference in actual sound volume which essentially tells me that the portable speaker does not necessarily replace the speaker on my iPhone.

However, one issue I did have with the mini portable speaker was occasional static coming from both speakers when used with an iPhone. I experienced the static when using the speaker with my iPhone 3GS.

When I plugged it into an iPod Touch, iPod Video or second-gen iPod Shuffle, I experienced no static. But back into the iPhone and after a few seconds, I had static. My only conclusion is the static is a result of the GSM radio in the iPhone or some other frequency disruption.

Mini Speaker 009Mini Speaker 010Mini Speaker 011

Batteries Not Included

The mini speaker includes a small on/off switch which is very beneficial for two reasons. First, if you have the speaker plugged into a device and you want to use that device briefly for something other than music, it is a good idea to switch off the mini speaker. The second benefit is to save battery life.

If you have not guessed already, the mini speaker requires batteries to operate. That is my major irk with this accessory. It sucks up two triple-A batteries which translates to not-cheap-to-operate. Although BudgetGadgets does rate two AAA batteries to provide up to 10 hours of continuous use, your mileage will definitely vary. Oh and remember, batteries not included. 😉

Mini Speaker 004Mini Speaker 005


Overall, the BudgetGadgets mini Portable Speaker delivers a small, portable speaker that is light weight and easy to use. The rotating ability of the speaker gives you a little flexibility in the direction of the sound and the on/off switch is a nice add-on. However the use of batteries makes this accessory pricey to use in the long-term and if you are using it with an iPhone (or other mobile phone), you may experience static issues.

The BudgetGadgets mini Portable Speaker is scored a 3 out of 5.

BudgetGadgets works on a wholesale system, but you can still buy items individually. I will list the prices below for the mini portable speaker:

  • 1+ Quantity: $3.75 each
  • 3+ Quantity: $3.57 each
  • 5+ Quantity: $3.49 each
  • 10+ Quantity: $3.38 each
  • Available colors: White

Also, if you use coupon code “MM5OFF17” during checkout, you get 5% off your purchases across the site. The site also offers Free Shipping worldwide.


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