How to Change Your iPhone Desktop/SMS Background

I always get some interesting news and tips from the fantastic readership out there. These tips always lead to post ideas and today we’re going to tackle how to change your iPhone’s desktop/SMS background. It will require a jailbroken iPhone. Let’s get started!

How to Change your iPhone Desktop/SMS Backgroud: Use the Desktop/SMS Background App

No, you’re not seeing double. Recently a new app was released in Cydia called Desktop/SMS Background. What does it do? Well, it lets you add a background wallpaper to your desktop and SMS background–WITHOUT the installation of Winterboard!

If you recall, I previously wrote about how to speed up your jailbroken iPhone. The solution was to uninstall Winterboard. Now, for people using an iPhone 3GS like myself, I must admit even after being jailbroken, the phone is still blazing fast. However, any jailbreak will slightly bog down your iPhone if you have Winterboard installed.

1. Launch Cydia and search for “Desktop/SMS Background”. Install.
2. Go to Settings–Wallpaper–choose any photo.
3. You’ll immediately notice two “i” icons in the upper left and right of the chosen image.
Tap the left “i” icon: set your SMS background
Tap the right “i” icon: set your homescreen background.
4. To remove? Easy. Just hold down for a couple seconds then let go. The chose wallpaper will be removed.

If you’re not into the whole iPhone themes and custom icons etc, but want to jazz up your jailbroken iPhone with some minimalist style, setting up a wallpaper for your homescreen and SMS background will brighten up your day (click here on how to create your own lockscreen). Give it a shot!

Thanks to Roger L. for emailing us the heads up!

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