Subscribing to Daily or Weekly

Hey everyone, this post is just a quick housekeeping tip. I’ve had increased emails of people asking me about how they have missed out on contests because they haven’t had a chance to visit the blog, or they received blog email subscriptions late. Let’s review a couple solutions for those who aren’t already using one of our blog subscription services.

Subscribing to with Weekly or Daily Newsletters

Let me make this clear: if you want the latest content, your best bet is to: visit the blog daily, follow me on twitter, or subscribe to our RSS feed in a feedreader (one of the best is Google Reader).

Too lazy to visit the blog daily? You can get our blog in your email, either daily or weekly. Here are your options…

1. Daily email subscriptions: click here to receive an email digest of daily posts published by 3AM PST. This email is sent daily via

2. Weekly newsletter digest: enter your email into the box on the upper right sidebar and hit enter:


Hope this makes things a little clearer for everybody. Thanks again for reading and visiting! 🙂

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