TELUS Eliminates System Access Fee

In a similar move made by Rogers Wireless, effective November 5 2009, TELUS will drop the System Access Fee (SAF) and 911 fee from their Rate Plans and introduce “Clear Choice” plans that will have a $5.00 increase across all plans.

1. TELUS Will Be Removing the System Access Fee

For those on TELUS monthly voice plans, whether contracted or not, you’ve been paying an extra $6.95 (plus tax) every month. The SAF has been the point of arguments for many consumers, including massive lawsuits.

In a surprising move, TELUS will be removing the SAF and 911 fee ($0.75; some provinces will stay pay the 911 fee however, see FAQ below) from their Rate plans. However, like Rogers Wireless, TELUS will raise their monthly plans by $5.00 and include Voicemail 3 as a bonus.

When Rogers Wireless did this SAF removal, they included Call Forwarding, WhoCalled, and Call Manager for free but also introduced another useless fee called the GRRF or Government Regulatory Recovery Fee. At this time, it does not seem that TELUS is charging this fee.

Existing TELUS clients have the option of staying on their current plans and continuing to pay the SAF and 911 fee. If they want to switch, then can, but existing clients will lose any and all discounts or features currently on their accounts, such as anything free, discounted or previously grandfathered options that are no longer available (example: Free Unlimited Data).


2. TELUS Is Increasing Monthly Voice Plans by $5

The SAF and 911 fee is eliminated and monthly plans are increased by $5.00. So an existing $25 plan will now be a $30 monthly plan and will look like this:

Before: $25 + $6.95 SAF + $0.75 (911) = $32.70
After: $25 + $5 (monthly increase) = $30.00

So how much money will you be saving with the removal of the SAF/911 fee?

$32.70 (before price) – $30.00 (after price) = +$2.70

Now if TELUS does a 180º turn and ends up charging a GRRF or something similar, then it will be a similar case as with Rogers and the new “savings” will actually end up costing consumers more per month. So as it stands, this current TELUS move is BETTER than Rogers and BETTER for consumers.

Summary Of Changes

TELUS removed the “government” initiated System Access and 911 Fee (for most provinces) and added:

  • $5.00 increase to all plans
  • Changed the name of plans to “Clear Choice”
  • Added Voicemail 3 for free as a bonus

Additional FAQ’s from TELUS:

Q. Why is TELUS launching these new plans?

A. TELUS is committed to delivering exceptional client service. We recognize wireless pricing can be confusing. Clear Choiceâ„¢ rate plans maintain our industry leading position on pricing transparency by making rate plans clear and simple. What you see is what you pay.

Q. Are SAF and 911 TELUS fees included in the price of TELUS Clear Choiceâ„¢ plans?

A. The expenses to TELUS that are currently covered by the System Access and carrier 911 fees still exist and will be covered by the Clear Choiceâ„¢ plan rate.

Q. Are there any 911 costs for clients?

A. Like today, certain provinces impose a regulated provincial 911 fee that TELUS is mandated to collect on their behalf. Provinces and charges are as follows:

  • P.E.I (50¢)
  • Nova Scotia (43¢)
  • New Brunswick (53¢)
  • Saskatchewan (38¢)

Plus Quebec municipal 911 tax of 40¢ as of December 1, 2009.

Q. Is there a price increase for the new Clear Choiceâ„¢ rate plans?

A. No. TELUS Clear Choiceâ„¢ plans offer enhanced value. Monthly service fees will increase $5 due to the inclusion of Voicemail 3. Enjoy the benefits of clear and simple pricing with no SAF and carrier 911 fees. See the TELUS Clear Choiceâ„¢ rate plan sample comparison chart.

Q. What happens to your current consumer rate plans? Are they being discontinued for new clients?

A. Yes, as of November 5, the clear and simple Clear Choiceâ„¢ suite will be our new rate plans for all new clients.

Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I stay on my existing rate plan and remove SAF and carrier 911 fees?

A. No. The expenses covered by System Access and carrier 911 fees still exist, so you must continue to pay the fees while you remain on your existing plan. You have the option to change to Clear Choiceâ„¢ rate plans as of November 5, but if you choose to do so, you will forfeit the benefits and features of your existing rate plan.

Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I continue to renew on my existing rate plan?

A. Yes, you can. Existing clients will continue to be able to renew their current plan as it exists.

Q. Does clear and simple pricing apply to all new TELUS wireless products?

A. Yes. As of November 5, both new business and consumer rate plans (including Mike and Mobile High Speed) will enjoy the benefits of clear and simple pricing.

Q. Are there any other changes coming at TELUS that could benefit me?

A. TELUS is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience and living up to our brand promise – the future is friendly. We continue to listen to our clients and consumers to evolve our products and services to best meet their needs.