What Is On Your iPhone 4G/OS 4.0 Wishlist?

The rumour mill has started regarding the “next” iPhone to grace our grubby hands this summer. We all know that Apple’s ability to keep every detail secret until the last minute is what gets us excited leading up the the release.

Apple is known to slowly release features (*cough* copy and paste *cough*) with regards to both software and hardware. Personally, I am looking forward to a new hardware design with a front facing camera for iChat capabilities, and LED flash with a 5 megapixel camera to start. Of course we also can’t leave out better battery life and a higher resolution screen. Are any of these wants wishful thinking?

At the same time, I also enjoy not knowing what is coming next. What will Apple deliver once June/July arrives? Will they respond to the impressive hardware specs of the Google Nexus One (which offers great support through Google Groups, LOL)?

The iPhone 4G Wishlist That People Want

User ThatsMeRight over at MacRumors posted the following “wishlist” for the future iPhone. What items do you think will come true and ones that will never see the light of day?

Hardware wishlist
– 4G network (LTE probably in 2011, but WiMax is already possible).
– New camera. 5MP? Flash? etc. (+ camera shutter)
– Front camera, minimum of 3 MP for video conferences.
– New design
– New WiFi chip (802.11n) (like found in the iPod Touch)
– Better cellular chips of the 3G and 2G networks
– (AM)OLED screen (maybe some extra backlight when you’re outside?)
– Two speakers or “all-around-sound” and of course better audio quality.
– Better 3D graphics
– Up to 64GB of space. Declare 16GB the dead, 8GB ‘low-quality’ model like iPod Touch
– New processor and more RAM
– Infrared
– Higher resolution: High Definition?!
– FM transmitter
– Pedometer
– New exterior (design)
– Removable battery
– Built-in RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology
– Fingerscanner
– LED light in the home button (e.g. blue with new message, green incoming call etc.) with ability to turn it off
– Powermat support
– Touch-sensitive places at all corners (at left and right of home button and top right and top left) (so you can use an app without blocking your view with your hands and it would be a great improvement like ‘scrolling’ or something like that) with easy turn on and off like double tap in corners at the same time (you won’t have an ‘accident double tap at two corners at the same time haha).
– And of course… better battery life

iPhone 4.0 software
– Redesigned UI
– Multitasking (kinda like how it’s done in Safari with multiple pages)!
– Extentions of Voice Control: what about creating an email just by telling the iPhone too?
– Flash (and of course the choice to turn it off for the people who think it’s oldfashion)
– File browsing
– Bluetooth restrictions should be lifted (file transfer)
– More abilities to customize your iPhone: what about wallpapers on your homescreen?
– File browsing
– A ‘unity inbox’ for emails.
– Spotlight extension: search the web too!
– iPhone notes app needs an upgrade
– Ability to hide applications (for example that the hidden apps just appear in a special list)
– Categories/Folders: seriously, categories/folders would be nice
– Character counter in the texting app…
– Turn things on and off easier (less steps)
– Radio application (apperently the 3Gs is able to support this for sure)
– Native editing of word and excel docs. Let alone editing of pages/numbers etc.
– 720p video out
– Google Maps navigation/latitude/etc.
– Wireless syncing
– Updates of Voice Control (especially in languages other than English) and new features (e.g. “Google Apple” and it’s going to Google for Apple or compose a mail via your voice etc.)
– Profiles
– Text message counter
– New iPod app: what about deleting a song, or naming playlists?
– Support for wider format of video files

I can guarantee you that Apple will never produce an iPhone with a removable battery. The issue with the iPhone battery is that it doesn’t last long because people actually use their iPhone all the time. Twitter, Facebook, games, apps, etc, the list goes on. No battery can keep up to our endless desire for usage unless the next iPhone can be recharged by…solar power?!

What is your top 5 list of “wants” for the next iPhone? It’s your turn to speak. GO!

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