Smooth Scrolling With “Smoothboard” and “Infinidock”

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you know there are tonnes of tweaks and mods in Cydia that do all kinds of different things to your device. If you’re like me, most of the “cool” stuff usually gets boring and you end up removing it after a week or so. Well, here’s a couple that may stay on your iPhone for a while.

Over the past week or so I found 2 great mods for your springboard. “Infinidock” and “Smoothboard”. These two mods allowing for easy, non-stop scolling through all your apps.


The days of the 5 and 6 icon dock are in the past with this modification. Now, you can have as many icons as you want on your dock, with the ability to horizontally scroll through all your apps. It is from the same developer who brought us “ProSwitcher”, chpwn. It is only $.99 in the Cydia Store, and installs quickly and easily. If you already have the Five Icon Dock, this will automatically uninstall it for you. I have seen some issues with the 6 Icon Dock, where you may need to uninstall it manually, first. In the Settings app, you have a few options, like adjusting how many icons you want to see, per page. If you’re reading this on your iPhone, go here Cydia://package/com.chpwn.infinidock/, to get Infinidock now!


If you have lots of apps and games on your iPhone, it can take forever scroll through all your pages, to find what you’re looking for. “Overboard” and “Orbit” have been great solutions to this, but here is a free way to quickly scroll through all your icons. “Smoothboard”, from developer Aaron Ash, makes it so your springboard doesn’t lock to each page, when scrolling. Basically, it makes one long, horizontal page, that you can scroll through with one big swipe. When you stop scrolling, the springboard doesn’t snap to the nearest page, it stops right where you put your finger down. There have been a couple of minor bugs reported, but nothing that affects the rest of your iPhone’s performance. If you’re reading this on your iPhone, go here:  Cydia://package/com.aaronash.smoothboard, to get Smoothboard now!

Here’s a quick video, showing these two in action, together:

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