App Review: 320 Wallpapers

Do you ever get bored of seeing that same old wallpaper day after day on your iPhone? Would you prefer to turn on your iPhone and be like, “that’s so awesome!” or “I wish I could be sitting in that hammock on that hot sunny beach instead of here at work!” Well get ready to be able to so with 320 Wallpapers.

320 Wallpapers allows you to browse over 1000s and 1000s of wallpapers! With so many to choose from, you can have a new wallpaper set daily. That’s not just it though! Let’s say you picked out a favourite wallpaper and would like to share it with friends and family. Well you have the option to either save the wallpaper photo to your photo library or email it to your friends. There is also the option to rate your favourite wallpaper, browse by the latest releases, browse the top rated and the most viewed.

A wide variety of categories are available to choose from, options are:

  • 3D
  • Abstract
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Technology
  • Military
  • Anime
  • Funny
  • Games
  • Landscapes
  • Graffiti
  • Holidays
  • Fine Art
  • Fantasy
  • And many more!

So now you have picked out a wallpaper and would like to set it as your iPhone wallpaper–that’s very easy to do so!

Simply, save your wallpaper to the photo library by tapping the action button. Then go to the Photos app located on the iPhone springboard. Choose the saved image and select ”Use as wallpaper”. Done! Now go on and enjoy that beautiful wallpaper.

320 Wallpapers can be found in the App Store for $0.99

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