South Korea Loves Their iPhone Sausage Parties!

Umm…say what?! Don’t worry, this post is safe for work. Let’s move onto the important story that’s spreading like wildfire right now: the love of handling skinny sausages by South Koreans and their iPhones. I know this isn’t related to Canada, but the weather here can get pretty darn cold. Want to hear more? Keep reading!

When It’s Too Cold To Take Your Gloves Off, Use Your Sausage Instead

We know that the iPhone’s capacitative screen requires capacitative objects to touch it, such as your finger. But when it’s too cold out, your winter gloves won’t conduct anything. You’ll see lots of people using their noses to “Slide to Unlock” during the winter, or sporting a set of Tavo Gloves.

That’s no longer the case in South Korea. People are now using the help of individually wrapped sausages to perform daily functions on their iPhones. It’s ingenious really, except that fact it’s really odd and creepy. What do you say when you don’t want to take off your gloves, and someone is calling? “Hey Joe, can you hand me your sausage so I can take this call?” Well done–you’re now friendless.

Sausages Being Used as “Drum Sticks” to Play Games on the iPhone:

Take a look at the following ‘sausage gallery’:

I have some friends who happen to live in Seoul, and one of them just bought an iPhone. I’m waiting to hear from him to see just how ‘popular’ the sausage stylus phenomenon has become. So if you’re tired of taking off your gloves to use your iPhone, start using sausages or even hot dogs. Just wrap one in clear wrap and go on with your day. I’m sure you’ll make some new friends instantly!

Would you use a sausage as a stylus in Canada? Don’t be shy, let us know…

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