Multitasking Support In iPhone OS 4.0?

With the recently updated iPhone SDK beta 4, developers have been feverishly digging deep through the updated software to find any type of hidden files regarding new features. Well, their effort has been well rewarded!

Looking at the image below, developers have found new references to multitasking throughout the SDK, such as the mention of a “multitasking dialog box”. As many know, while the iPhone can multitask (the iPod app can run in the background for example), it cannot multitask in the same fashion as an Android device or Palm Pre.

There are many pros and cons to multitasking like the Palm Pre or like an Android device, but we may soon see the possibility of running many apps at the same time with an iPhone.

At this time, it is unknown if the above dialog box refers to existing multitasking functions found in the iPhone OS or if it is referring to a newer type of multitasking for the iPhone OS or for a group of apps.