SpringBoard Rotator Brings Another Piece of the iPad to the iPhone

Developer limneos has annouced a new tweak for the iPhone 3GS called “SpringBoard Rotator”. This new tweak allows you to rotate the entire springboard, including your wallpaper, in any direction, just like the iPad. Just as you would turn your iPhone to landscape mode in any application, you can turn your home screen to landscape mode. Scrolling through all your pages works exactly the same, just in landscape mode!

This tweak is the perfect addition to any iPad Theme, including my own “Simple iPad Theme”, that is on Cydia right now. With the release of the iPad UI Theme coming soon, we’ll have little mini iPads before you know it! i should mention that you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS to get this tweak.

SpringBoard Rotator works with other springboard tweaks, such as Infiniboard, Iconoclasm, Shrink, Five Column Springboard, Five Icon Dock, and more.

According to limneos’s Twitter feed, he will have a beta ready in couple of days, and hopefully release in less than 2 weeks!

Here’s a video of this new tweak in action: