Virgin To Increase Rates For Local Calling, Long Distance, International Messaging, And Web Browsing

Effective April 15, 2010, Virgin Mobile will be increasing their rates for a number of provided services. Please note that the rate increases only affect those customers who are not on any type of plan or package providing the specific service.

Long Distance & Local Calling Price Changes

Beginning April 15, 2010, long distance charges on out-of-plan calls to Canada or the USA are increasing from $0.30/minute to $0.35/minute in addition to the local by-the-minute rate.

As mentioned previously, if you already have a Virgin Mobile Unlimited Long Distance add-on, then the price increase does not affect you.

The rate for local by-the-minute out-of-plan calls is also increasing from $0.30/minute to $0.35/minute.

Virgin notes that the above changes only affect customers who signed up before February 2, 2009, as customers who signed up after February 2, 2009 are already paying the new rate for out-of-plan local and long distance calls.

Web Browsing & International Text Message Price Changes

Also beginning April 15, 2010, pay-per-use web browsing charges are changing from $0.05/page view to $0.05/kb (Kilobyte) of data used.

Once again, if you are already signed up on a Virgin Mobile Data Plan or Unlimited Mobile Browsing add-on, then the change does not affect you.

Also changing is the international text message rate. International text messaging is increasing from $0.20/sent text message to $0.25/sent text message. Receiving text messages is unchanged and remains free.

Again, if you already have an international text messaging package, nothing changes for you.

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