Do You Miss Your Jailbreak? To 3.1.3 or not to 3.1.3.

My good friends over at the Apple Store recently replaced my iPhone 3GS. I was having some intermittent issues and my battery was lasting about 2 hours with minimal use.

As usual, the experience was painless and I left with a new iPhone 3GS. When I got home to sync it I noticed that the new device had already been upgraded to OS 3.1.3. I lost my jailbreak. My first reaction was to scour the forums in search of a 3.1.3 workaround to get the jailbreak working again. Unfortunately, because it was a factory upgrade, I was out of luck.

It’s been 6 days and I’m noticing that I don’t miss the jailbreak as much as I thought I would and the iPhone actually seems faster, more responsive and less glitchy.

Things I miss: LockScreenInfo, 5 Icon Dock, My3G (for skype w/out WiFi), Winterboard (mostly to get rid of that ugly silver springboard and to select my own wallpaper).

Other than the above mentioned minor tweaks, I’m actually not missing the jailbreak all that much. I’m not saying that I will never jailbreak my iPhone again – assuming I even can in the near future. I’m just not missing it all that much.

What I’d like to know is:

How many of you have accidentally upgraded to OS 3.1.3 or have had to replace your iPhone 3GS and are now stuck without a jailbreak? Do you miss it?